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RuPaul Drag Race

Rupaul drag race is back next week and by far this is way better than Project Runway and Top Model combined. Have yall seen this show, it airs on Logo and sometimes on VH1. IMAGE(

No spoilers?
[b]do not look at this spoiler if you really love this show or a fan [/b] [B]major spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!![/B] [SPOILER]on the forums and it was confirm and there's other places too, the winner of rupaul drag race season 2 is..... Tyra Sanchez[/SPOILER]
Booooo! I figured it would be :( I'm pulling for either [SPOILER]Jujubee or Pandora[/SPOILER] so hopefully it's wrong but I don't think it is. Kinda seems like they want her type to win this year.
For the fans, so did yall think that finale was pretty fierced or shocking!!! [SPOILER]Wow Ive never seen a shockin finale where one of the winners faints, well I wonder how the real tyra feels about Tyra Sanchez taking the crown :D[/SPOILER]
This show is such a train wreck.
It was not shocking at all sadly. I saw that winner coming from a mile a way back in like episode 2. I'm actually pretty annoyed by the winner. It seems like Ru attaches to the person most like her and there is no chance of anyone else taking the prize. I think it hurts the drag community instead of helping it too. She has this great opportunity to expose a lot of people to something they may never encounter and they come away thinking the best drag queens are the prettiest and the ones who can wear a gown the best. But they aren't. They are usually the worst. Who is going to pay to see Tyra? No one I know. You go to be entertained what talent does she bring to the table? She doesn't even have good make up skills. The big girls, the quirky girls, the funny girls the talented girls always seem to leave early and we are left with uncharismatic, uninteresting queens. I also thought Tyra's fainting was just one more thing she did to manipulate the judges and the audience. Maybe it was the edit to try to get the audience on her side but they sure did play that sympathy card hard for her in the finale. I'm sorry, just because you have a kid and don't have a good job I'm not about to feel sorry for you and excuse you for the rest of your stank attitude. Oy. Sorry for the rant! Can you tell I really didn't like the finale? Ha! It should have been Pandora all the way. She is someone I would actually pay to see perform.
Pretty true tartertots, and it's sad that Jujubee did not win the competition. Tyra reminds me of Daria with that monotoned voiced. Well hopefully Drag U will be better; Pandora, Shannel, Ongina, Raven, and Nina Flowers will be part of it. :D
Yay Pandora and Nina Flowers!! I am pretty excited for Drag U just for them, my two favorite girls! :D
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I only watched the reunion but I liked it. Jujubee is hot! Pandora seems sweet.
Love, love, LOVE Pandora.... Tyra.... I'm as excited about her winning as I was when Bebe won - not one bit. Rebbecca, I went to school with her and Tatiana reminded me of her on this show - the difference is that Tatiana's designs were awful. Rebbecca should've won last time around and JuJu B should've won this season. You should definitely see Mizzz Glassc*ck live - On the road every now and then but primarily based out of NY now. Wish she'd come back to FL. : /
Just curious, has anyone been seeing the latest season of Drag Race? Two Words; STUNT QUEENS!
Haha I've seen it, I'm liking this season I have a few favorites but I don't want to name them I'm afraid they will get eliminated ha.
They are doing an All Star season it is on the drag race page. They are letting people pick who they want to see in the all star season.
I was actually reading this on the Logo site, im so thrilled they are doing it sooner than I thought!! Who do you think should be on the all star season?
[url=]RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Cast Reveal - YouTube[/url] RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars announced! [B][U]Cast List[/U][/B] [B]Chad Michaels[/B] - THE professional, I'm thinking Chad will definitely make the top 3. [B]Yara Sofia[/B] - Definite wild card, if she can keep her cool, I think she can potentially make it far. [B]Pandora Boxx[/B] - Pandora is a seamstress and a very talented queen. Her makeup skills have definitely improved since season 2. She replaced Sharon Needles after Sharon declined to be on All-Stars. [B]Jujubee[/B] - It's hard for me to see anyone beat Jujubee in a lip sync, so I think she'll make it far based on this. [B]Nina Flowers[/B] - Her style is incredibly unique, I believe she'll make it to the top 3 as well. [B]Mimi Imfurst[/B] - ...wha?! I never expected this one, but based on her success after drag race, I'm not surprised. She's lost a lot of weight and she's mastered her make-up from her drag race season. Unfortunately, I don't think that'll be enough. I think she'll be out in one of the first rounds. [B]Manila Luzon[/B] - Same as Jujubee. She's very talented as well. [B]Shannel[/B] - Very talented, but also has a bit of a big head. I'd put her in the middle of the pack. [B]Alexis Mateo[/B] - One of my favorites. If she can get past her self-doubt that occurred on season 3 of drag race, I think she can make it to mid-season or further. [B]Tammie Brown[/B] - One of the most underrated queens to appear on drag race, another shocker. Her style is far different than any other queen appearing on All-Stars and she's vastly improved since season 1. I'm hoping she can pull out a victory considering everyone thinks she's going to be out in the first round. [B]Raven[/B] - 100% realness, talented and honest. Sometimes brutally honest. She's my final pick for the top 3. I feel like she was robbed from the season 2 crown by Tyra, so she'll be back with a vengeance. [B]Latrice Royale[/B] - Another very talented queen in her own way and the first big queen to make it as far as she did, to the top 4 of season 4 drag race. She'll definitely win even more hearts over during the season and I believe she'll make it very far. Amazing at lip sync'ing for her life if need be, and could definitely give Manila and Jujubee a run for their money.
I am very excited for all stars. So many favorites of mine its hard to pick a winner or even a top 3. I am excited to see Nina and Shannel back. I also feel Raven got robbed so did Nina both deserved to win. I disagreed with Rupaul on his decisions to who he crowned as the winner in the first 3 seasons. Season 1 Nina should of won, season 2 Raven without a doubt, and season 3 I wanted Manilla since she killed it on the last challenges, the only winner I agreed was Sharon but that is because Ru asked the fans to vote for their favorite so he could see who the fans wanted as a winner if he had not done that I'm pretty sure he would of crown Phi Phi the winner.
Just a quick note, Sahara Davenport from Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race (also Manila Luzon's partner) passed away today. The cause isn't yet known. I'm in disbelief right now...
Wow I wonder what happened to him.
[QUOTE=Euroslavia;320753]Just a quick note, Sahara Davenport from Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race (also Manila Luzon's partner) passed away today. The cause isn't yet known. I'm in disbelief right now...[/QUOTE] which one was that?
[QUOTE=Nostalgic;320771]which one was that?[/QUOTE] did Whitney Houston at the Snatch game, sent Shangela and Morgan McMichaels home.
[QUOTE=Euroslavia;320753]Just a quick note, Sahara Davenport from Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race (also Manila Luzon's partner) passed away today. The cause isn't yet known. I'm in disbelief right now...[/QUOTE] omg thats so sad! :blue:
I'm still drawing a blank. This is a good show even though I'm not necessary into Drag or anything. I remember season 1 there was a lot fan favorites.
for picture references: [url=]"RuPaul's Drag Race" Star Sahara Davenport Passes Away / **********]
Has anyone here been watching this season? I'm loving it so far don't have favorites yet too soon.
Oh yes this season tops all seasons and it's only two episodes deep! I'm obsessed with Ro-Laska-Tox. And I'm loving the feud between CoCo Montrese and Alyssa Edwards, it reminds me of Kim and NeNe! Can't wait till it all unfolds next week!! =)