The Real World: Portland - Anastasia Miller

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gamer73 wrote:

TwoStrikes wrote:What's up w her? Is she on any social media?

She fell off the face of the earth it seems. Did she get that bad of a reception from fans on Rivals 2?

She was getting death threats from Diem/CT fans and was getting **** shamed pretty bad Fool

But CT tried to hook up with basically every girl that season. And she's the **** #americanlogic

New Pod with Her coming soon.

how did you even reach her lol

New Ep is up with her!

how did you even reach her lol

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What a great interview! I am glad she is doing well after the mess she went through after Rivals 2 and congrats on her pregnancy 

This was very insightful...loved hearing her perspective, saddened by her suicide attempts but grateful she's better equipped to deal with her life now...wishing her a healthy baby on November..

I loved the ending to this interview and that she is living a happy life <3  

My heart hurt when she described things she went through post-Challenge mental health-wise. Very refreshing to get such honest dialogue with someone who experienced the darker side. So glad she seems to be in a healthier place now. 

Oh and Mike Lewis, you are working miracles.