The Real World: Las Vegas (2011) - Trailer

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[QUOTE=OtherPplsDrama;235136]I'm pretty sure Stephen is just gay for gay.[/QUOTE] Hahah! That was funny!
[QUOTE=BillyBear231;235368][strike]i don't even wanna no what this is about[/strike] I don't even want to know what this is about.[/QUOTE] BB, you're too new here to know, but the reference is to my time as a mod here a couple of years ago. "Blowing the whistle" on people, when needed, was something I probably did frequently. I have a low tolerance for bigotry, intolerance and a general failure to think for one's self.
Hate to sound like Debut Album but this looks dumb as hell.
[QUOTE=tjhallow;235438]Hate to sound like Debut Album but this looks dumb as hell.[/QUOTE] I don't get what is so great about what was shown in the trailer, either. Maybe if I would have really followed the spoilers all the way, I would. But I think I am really over the show now. I skipped last season and haven't actually been interested much since Brooklyn. That guy really does look like Cohutta. I hope people don't confuse them when they see them out and about. Can you imagine?
The promos looked so fake lol