Real World DC: With Love - Season Finale

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[QUOTE=mcis1979;165384]You couldn't just find a copy of either two on the streets like you could every one else...How many politically informed gay jocks do you know? [/QUOTE] More than you would think. What is a bit more complicated, though, find a ********, religious, politically informed jock! That's unique, and that's Mike :)
Mike was BY FAR my favorite person on this show. I LOVED his story arc in the last few episodes, with Tanner and Tanner's family, and Mike's dad... I have to say, I have always been VERY pro gay rights personally. I have quite a few gay friends, I've been involved in political activities for same sex marriage rights, and I actually consider myself to be more towards the ******** end of the spectrum than completely straight. I've been with other women, and if I had fallen in love with one, I would have been more than open to ending up with one. I didn't, and I met my boyfriend and now I suppose I'm for all practical purposes a straight person, but I still think it's SO important to fight for gay rights, and same sex marriage rights. The thing is, I know my boyfriend agrees with my stance, and supports gay rights and believes in same sex marrige. BUT I don't think he ever really got it, like, really understood what gay teens go through, and how important it is. I don't think he ever really realized how a loving relationship between two men is just like a loving relationship between a man and a woman and just how important it is for them to have the same rights as we have to get married and have a family. I don't think he really got it until he saw these last two episodes. And then he got it. I saw it click, watching Mike, caring about his story and realizing why I get as involved and as passionate as I do. So I think Mike's story is SO important, and I hope that other people watching it, were able to see that too. I think he changed some minds. And I think he should continue to be involved in politics and campaigns and be on tv, because I think Mike is a unique person who has the power to do a lot of good.