Real World Cancun: Episode 12 - Finale

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That Ayiiia called her guy and fessed up quickly and honestly at least gives me some respect for her though I don't like her. Emilee and Jasmine were the more interesting people to me.
[QUOTE=SeanDaniel;119977]Derek was on a lot but mostly while other people were talking. I guess he was the go-to guy of the house to vent.[/QUOTE] Yeah I think that's the same with Emilee. People think since they didn't actually have story lines that they had no airtime... That's not always the case though.
Speaking of Emilee's airtime, I found it extremely weird in the beginning of the finale when Emilee was rambling about her emotional connection with Joey. Why did the editors never show this relationship, including within the Dailies? It seemed to influence Emilee's perspective and later defense of him, so it would seem like a relevant part of the "story". Also: I think Jonna looks much better without makeup.
I thought CJ had the least airtime. I thought in the first few episodes he was gonna be the biggest airtime guy but then he was... never shown again. Ever. It was probably for the best since I'm not a fan but still, he seriously had nothing to do it seemed on the show. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good season. It sort of fizzled (I blame Pat the ******* DJ) near the end but I enjoyed it. It gave us interesting personalities that I look forward to on challenges. Still can't stand Joey, CJ, or Jonna but overall I thought it was a good cast.