Real World Cancun: Episode 12 - Finale

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Real World Cancun: Episode 12 - Finale
[B]Season Finale[/B] Joey the 'great uniter' returns to the Cancun house and flirts with all the girl roomies. [url=][img][/img][/url]
The finale is here!
Joey actually thinks Lauren is real...
Another season goes by yet it's still sad.
Don't do it Ayiiia! Don't do it Jonna!
I am going to miss seeing Ayiiia, Jonna, Emilee, Derek, and Jazzy!
Aiiya likes him and is all giggly around him. She is attracted to him! I knew it all along!
I'm going to cry.....I LOVE U AYIIIA!!!!! <3333333
lol, Derek pinching Joey's *******.
Aw, Emilee tried to save Ayiiia from the matter at hand...
Joey is soooo slick. He sees the girls intoxicated and goes in there. He's like "can I get in on this". Emilee seems drunk as hell talking in that baby voice but even she knew how to stop. ha ha. She knew she would look like the biggest hypocrite ever on tv!
Joey shouldve tried to get at Emilee. She needs some male loving
He probably did but Emilee was harder to get and Aiiya was easier. ha ha. Besides Emilee has said on here she had guys, MTV just didn't like to air her relationship.
Mmm...looks like a horrible movie but...Penn Badgley...
Ayiiia, oh Ayiiia....
Because that's not awkward...
now she's going to cry and feel bad about it? I knew it! I think it's just because the cameras are around.
Yikes, [strike]good[/strike] bad timing Ryan!
nooooooo!!!!!! i can't believe she hooked up with him's whatever now -_-
[QUOTE=Bacchus;119461]Yikes, [strike]good[/strike] bad timing Ryan![/QUOTE] YEAH, what a
Horrible excuse..."the one roommate came back, the one that I hated, and we all got drunk, and one thing left to another, and..."
*sigh* Ayiiia, that was such a Jonna thing to do
Actually, Ayiiia felt bad about it and Jonna obviously didn't.
[QUOTE=salt&vinegar;119466]*sigh* Ayiiia, that was such a Jonna thing to do[/QUOTE] I agree. I'm glad Ryan didnt act like a wuss about it like Jonna's ex used to do.
I dont understand how one second she is all into it and the next second she is crying about it?
Really Ayiiia? Our of everyone in the house to go for to advice, you go to Jonna? Really?
Ugh Aiiya always has to do something sexual and then cry about it. Annoying. Anyway I always suspected it was a playground thing where they hate each other but underneath there's an attraction.
All this season has pretty much focused on is relationships. *yawn* Please, lets move on to something else.
This dinner sceene is making me sad:(
[QUOTE=Janette;119471]I dont understand how one second she is all into it and the next second she is crying about it?[/QUOTE]I was just as confused when I saw that...
Jasmine didn't like that shot so much...yikes