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All fair points. Sorry, my sarcasm meter seems to be off today :) Lindsay just makes one bad decision after another: The bad news for Lindsay Lohan is that she apparently committed several different violations of her probation during her stay at the Betty Ford center. The good news is that it never seems to mater how many laws she breaks, so just throw these on the pile I guess. Palm Desert Police Department officials believe Lindsay Lohan was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at Betty Ford. As TMZ first reported, the PD believes Lindsay committed violations of her probation — apart from the alleged December 12 battery. Sources say the cops believe Lindsay was under the influence of drugs or alcohol — which would be a violation of her probation in the Beverly Hills DUI case. And they believe she violated probation by refusing to submit to a breathalyzer. And confirmation… Lindsay Lohan may have violated not just one, but several violations of her probation while undergoing treatment at the Betty Ford Center according to the Palm Desert Police Department, which will be turning its findings over to the Riverside County District Attorney and the L.A. County Probation Office. As Radar previously reported, if (Lohan), 24, is found to have violated the conditions of her probation, she could be headed back to jail. Lindsays lawyer says of course that Lindsay is completely innocent and that the cops are out to get her. Yeah cops are funny like that. Their always out to get criminals. Stubborn stubborn stubborn, always out, nosing around, “policing” if you will, their city.
Looks like this Lindsay thread might be seeing more action in the coming weeks... [url=]Lindsay Lohan Facing Grand Theft Felony Charges [/url]
Oh Lindsay. She really just needs to learn.
If she goes to jail, I have a feeling Christina may take over as the female hot mess of the year....
I think people are just picking on her now.
[QUOTE]The undersigned is informed and believes that: COUNT 1 On or about January 22, 2011, in the County of Los Angeles, the crime of GRAND THEFT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY, in violation of PENAL CODE SECTION 487(a), a Felony, was committed by LINDSAY LOHAN, who did unlawfully take money and personal property of a value exceeding Nine Hundred Fifty Dollars ($950), to wit A NECKLACE the property of KAMOFIE & COMPANY, SOFIA KAMAN. * * * * * NOTICE: Conviction of this offense will require the defendant to provide DNA samples and print impressions pursuant to Penal Code sections 296 and 296.1. Willful refusal to provide the samples and impressions is a crime. NOTICE: The People of the State of California intend to present evidence and seek jury findings regarding all applicable circumstances in aggravation, pursuant to Penal Code section 1170(b) and Cunningham v. California 2007 U.S. LEXIS 1324. NOTICE: A Suspected Child Abuse Report (SCAR) may have been generated within the meaning of Penal Code §§ 11166 and 11168 involving the charges alleged in this complaint. Dissemination of a SCAR is limited by Penal Code §§ 11167 and 11167.5 and a court order is required for full disclosure of the contents of a SCAR. I DECLARE UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY THAT THE FOREGOING IS TRUE AND CORRECT AND THAT THIS COMPLAINT, CASE NUMBER SA076679, CONSISTS OF 1 COUNT(S). Executed at LOS ANGELES, County of Los Angeles, on February 9, 2011. _____________________________________ CLAUDIA CASTRUITA DECLARANT AND COMPLAINANT STEVE COOLEY, DISTRICT ATTORNEY BY: DANETTE E. MEYERS, DEPUTY [/QUOTE] [url=http://************.*******.***/lanow/2011/02/lindsay-lohan-dna-fingerprints.html]Authorities want DNA sample, fingerprints from Lindsay Lohan[/url]
Wow now shes stealing hahaha wow just wow.
[QUOTE=Outsider;235995]Wow now shes stealing hahaha wow just wow.[/QUOTE] Now? [url=]is Lindsay Lohan in real trouble this time? well, maybe. - What Would Tyler Durden Do[/url] 4.23.07 - she stole $10,000 in clothes from a model. 8.3.07 - she stole clothes from a Louis Vuitton photo shoot. 5.6.08 - stole an $11,000 fur coat. 2.16.09 - this just looks stolen. (dress with security tag still on it) 6.16.09 - $400,000 in diamonds magically disappeared from a photo shoot. 11.14.09 - she stole 2 bottles of champagne from a bar in Hollywood. 11.17.09 - she tried, but failed, to take $15,000 in clothes from Kitson. 4.23.10 - she stole a $35,000 Rolex.
Let's give her the benefit of the doubt--she probably didn't intend to take anything but was just too wasted to realize what she was doing :)
[url=]YouTube - The Tonight Show - Lindsay Lohan in Court[/url]
When was that Bacchus?.
The Tonight Show - Lindsay Lohan in Court Great stuff :D I just wish she was back to normal Lindsay I think she was an all around talented person
Lame. Lindsay now has until the 25th to decide what she wants to do (although really, she only has until the 23rd so they can get their affairs in order to be ready on the 25th).
And Lindsay skates again as her [URL="http://************.*******.***/lanow/2011/04/lindsay-lohan-theft-case-reduced-from-felony-to-misdemeanor-.html"]felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor[/URL], which reduces the possibility of any real jail time. [url=][img][/img][/url]
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Such bull****. WHY does this girl keep getting these [strike]second[/strike] [strike]third[/strike] [strike]fourth[/strike] chances???
I guess the judge then proceeded to [URL=""]throw her in jail for violation of probation.[/URL] [QUOTE]Judge Stephanie Sautner just threw the book at Lindsay Lohan for her probation violation, sentencing her to 120 days in county jail!!! Lindsay has been remanded into custody and taken to the basement of the courthouse for booking. Lindsay's lawyer has said she'll appeal, which means Lindsay is entitled to post bail. Lohan was also ordered to complete 480 hours of community service -- 360 of those hours must be performed at the Downtown Women's Center, so Lindsay can see how needy women have to live. The remaining 120 hours will be served at the L.A. County morgue.[/QUOTE] [[URL=""]via[/URL]]
Okay, here's the dealio: Molds you and OPD swipe Bacchus' AMEX black card. I'll get the chips and soda, and we all take a freaking all-expenses paid field trip to the LA County Morgue. I would pay big money (using a cash advance on Bacchus' card of course) to see Lindsey Lohan working the meat wagon. It's a business tax write-off for Bacchus, though I am sure he is so loaded he wouldn't even notice it unless we scratch his Gulfstream :sarcastic_blum:
[QUOTE=SeanDaniel;244773]Bacchus, though I am sure he is so loaded he wouldn't even notice it unless we scratch his Gulfstream [/QUOTE] All you had to do was ask! Of course I don't mind. She's all gassed up (the G550) and ready to go. :wink3: [url=][img][/img][/url]
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Aaaand she was out of jail before I even got out of bed this morning... I'll take that plane to LA just to smack her in the face!
"It's déjà vu all over again." - Yogi Berra [url=]Lindsay Lohan fails alcohol test again, ordered to court[/url]
I saw the episode of SNL when she hosted years ago, she was very good looking, not so much anymore, what a shame.
[QUOTE=Bacchus;254464]"It's déjà vu all over again." - Yogi Berra [url=]Lindsay Lohan fails alcohol test again, ordered to court[/url][/QUOTE] "She is about at the point I would expect her defense to be 'No, Judge, it was a yeast infection that gave a false positive. I swear'"
Not really that surprising... [url=]Lindsay Lohan Dodges Jail Bullet[/url]
Of course.
[QUOTE=Bacchus;254722]Not really that surprising...[/QUOTE] I'm sure if she were to break any of those rules she would just get lucky once again...
she's gorgeous.
[url=]Lindsay Lohan -- Probation Revoked, Handcuffed[/url]
[QUOTE]Although Lindsay could get sentenced to nearly a year and a half in jail, a frustrated Judge Sautner noted new laws and overcrowding would make such a sentence unlikely.[/QUOTE] She'll be out in a few [strike]hours[/strike] minutes...and then in the subsequent hearing she will get 1 hour in jail with 399 days, 23 hours suspended and more probation. ;)
[url=]Lindsay Lohan Bails Out[/url]
Well, that was fast.