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I still don't understand how she got out of rehab early when that was supposed to have no chance of being reduced...
She's not going to get any better or learn any of her lessons until she really has to pay and learn a good hard lesson. No more of these 90 day jail and rehab sentences reduced to a measly 10-15 days. For some people having to pay a fine or go to jail for a few days gets the lesson across and they learn from their mistakes.......Lindsay has shown again and again this is not the case. The only way she will ever learn that there are consequences for her actions is if she REALLY pays the consequences. I'm not even hoping they throw the book at her so she'll have to pay for all these obnoxious things she's done, at this point I'm hoping they'll throw the book at her so she doesn't kill or hurt herself. I think I'd be more harsh on her if I didn't feel so badly that she has a Mother and Father that use her for money and (probably) help supply her with these substances she has grown to love but at the end of the day she is a grown adult and has to take responsibility for her actions. Heres to hoping she gets 30 days in jail for each failed drug test. Maybe that will strike a chord with Lindsay and get some sort of a point across to her.
She is an adult but she still has the maturity of a 15 year old so far as I can tell. The Judge cannot do but so much. I think people need to accept that she will either die tragically or end up taking someone else's life, not that the Prison Break guy really got much time actual time for that. There isn't anything anybody can do for her. It is up to her and only her to get her life in order. I am sick of people trying to play victim, whether it is a celebrity or a no-name local crack addict. She needs to stand up, admit her deeds, do her time, and then get the treatment she needs. Anything other than that and she is in no different a place next year than she was last year.
UGH !! This girl is hideous !!
[QUOTE=Adrian!!!!!!;209014]UGH !! This girl is hideous !![/QUOTE] I have never understood her appeal. All she ever did was do a few remakes of some old Disney movies, which were not exactly cutting edge performances
Lolz @ her wanting to make a documentary about her life. That's pretty funny.
I'm shocked. The judge denied her bail and she was cuffed and hauled off to jail... I guess Lindsay was shocked too. [url=][img][/img][/url]
[CENTER][url=][img][/img][/url][/CENTER] And her mugshot collection continues to grow... I like the latest offering. Very sexy, Lindsay!
Does Lindsay only get in trouble when she's a blonde? She so should have stuck to the red hair.
YAY!!!!! I am so happy this happened. Heres to hoping that THIS stint in jail makes some sort of impression on Lindsay and she cleans up her act. I hope this is the first of many wake up calls to Lindsay that let her know she's not above the law and her actions have reprecussions. God only knows whats gonna happen to her if she continues to run around thinking she's above the law and can do whatever the hell she wants.
[url=]Lindsay Lohan: Bail Granted, Avoids Jail Again! | Lindsay Lohan : Just Jared[/url] Lindsay doesn't have to go after all...
[QUOTE=jake93;209932] Lindsay doesn't have to go after all...[/QUOTE] Guess it pays to be a celebrity. So basically, the deal is she needs to wear a SCRAM bracelet and stay away from bars and known drug users, because IF SHE DOES...DUM DUM DUM.... absolutely nothing will happen.
[url=]Lindsay Lohan chooses rehab, source says -[/url]
Pre-emptive "treatment" is as often as not just one of those games addicts use with the Courts to get a lighter sentence. People go into therapy, say all the right things, the therapist testifies they are making great progress and working hard, the judge gives no additional jail time, and the people are out at the night club by dark.
[quote]Lindsay Lohan's legal team is working hard to get the actress off of probation -- not because her probation is unfair, but because Lohan is likely to violate it again. And, you know, end up in jail. "The longer Lindsay stays on probation, the increased chances that she will get in trouble because of problems staying compliant with the terms of her probation," a source with knowledge of the situation told Radar. So, in other words, if she isn't on probation, she can't possibly violate it next time she gets busted. Hollywood logic, see. Of course, Team Lohan plans to use savvier language when they make their arguments in court later this month -- probably some variation of she's-been-languishing-in-rehab-and-only-escaped-once-something-something-something.[/quote] [url=http://************.*******.***/gossip/2010/10/lindsay-lohan.html][via][/url]
I don't think at this point it matters what happens. She is going to die and soon. Unless they can lock her down for significant time, she will kill herself via her habits. ...and the lawyers that get her off will have blood on their hands (not that they will care.)
The only thing that will help her is herself. She will have to go into an in-patient facility for a few years.
She has been ordered back to rehab until January 3rd (to keep her in over New Years) and is getting her SCRAM bracelet off. Next court date is February 25. If she follows the rules, she gets unsupervised probation. [url=]Lindsay Lohan -- Judge Orders Her to Rehab[/url]
[QUOTE][B]If she follows the rules[/B], she gets unsupervised probation.[/QUOTE] I say she makes it two weeks...
[QUOTE=Bacchus;215986]I say she makes it two weeks...[/QUOTE] That's if she can now find someone to pay for it ;) [url=http://***.********.***/2010/10/25/lindsay-lohan-rehab-costs/?icid=main|main|dl2|sec1_lnk3|180007]Lindsay Can't Afford Rehab; Looking for a Sponsor | ********.***[/url]
This is just sad
[QUOTE=Bacchus;215986]I say she makes it two weeks...[/QUOTE] Whoops, typo! I meant two months, heh. [QUOTE]Lindsay Lohan is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation and the alleged victim -- a staff member at Betty Ford -- wants Lindsay prosecuted ... this according to law enforcement sources. The Palm Desert Police Department is now investigating an altercation that occurred after Lindsay and her roommates reportedly went to a bar and came back home. Upon arriving at the house, the incident with a female staffer from Betty Ford allegedly went down. The police received a call at 1:03 AM on December 12 for "hand-to-hand battery." Cops came to Betty Ford after receiving the call and interviewed both the staffer and Lindsay. We're told the staffer "desired prosecution." [/QUOTE] [[URL=""]via TMZ[/URL]]
I'm holding out hope that this isn't true and she's still recovering. I'm rooting for her...
[QUOTE=Bacchus;228837]Whoops, typo! I meant two months, heh. [[URL=""]via TMZ[/URL]][/QUOTE] Not so fast, TMZ... "Law enforcement sources? Maybe the ex-cop sitting with his bottle of Thunderbird under the bridge at the 101 on ramp off of Friendly Ave... Rumor from my rehab clinic sources is that the "assaulted" party had arranged for a lawyer before the confrontation and her firing... Other news sources are reporting that is was Lindsay Lohan who called the police, not the alleged "victim." I smell a setup.
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I smell a setup as well. HOWEVER... I think she needs to stay with Ms. Ford way past January 3. It would be easy to say that Lindsay Lohan had been out of rehab for less than 24 hours before violating her probation, but to be fair, that’s not true, because she was still in rehab when she violated her probation, at least according to [URL=",,20454735,00.html"][B][COLOR=#027b89]the Palm Desert Police Department[/COLOR][/B][/URL]. [INDENT]Police now assert the actress did, in fact, commit battery against a Betty Ford employee in a Dec. 12 scuffle – and plan to hand the case over to local prosecutors for review. “The investigation determined Ms. Lohan violated several aspects of her probation, including the battery [charge],” the Palm Desert Police Department said in a press release Monday, adding that they plan to notify Lohan’s probation officer. [/INDENT]
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What a mess thats all I can say.
Poor Lindsay, she just can't catch a break! She gets out of rehab, rents a new beach house and strangely enough it is right next to her ex girlfriend's beach house who now thinks Lindsay is stalking her.... [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="3"]Lindsay Lohan is telling friends she had "no idea" her new ****** beach house was right next door to ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson [url=][img][/img][/url] Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Lohan was aware Sam lived somewhere in Venice, Ca -- but she didn't know how close her new pad was to Ronson's home until family members saw the DJ pull in to the garage next door on Monday. [/SIZE][/FONT] [[URL=""]via[/URL]] Obviously this was just random happenstance and another sign Lindsay is cursed with bad luck.
Wait, you really think she did not know. I mean, I guess it is possible that she just happened to move next door to the love of her life, the girl who she has stalked, even after she was asked to back off. I see this as just more of the same, not bad luck. If she truly did not know, then my guess is she could have moved within .02 of a second as soon as she found out. I see this as another ploy to get attention, which is sad because back when I was in HS I had a huge crush on her and she was a young, (gorgeous) red head who had everything going for her. Also, I am tired of the media calling her mom "sources". The girl has just about burnt every bridge she has built via contacts, so I think it is safe to say mom is the one "leaking" all these stories about how she has changed. Sad, truly sad. I thought she would turn her life around. She has been given ample chances, but sadly I think it is beyond repair....unless she surrounds herself with new people.
[QUOTE=varwfan;230297]Wait, you really think she did not know.[/quote] That was my tongue and cheek assessment. ;) [quote]Sad, truly sad. I thought she would turn her life around. She has been given ample chances, but sadly I think it is beyond repair....unless she surrounds herself with new people.[/QUOTE] The fact that she just happened to rent a condo next door to her ex shows that there are still serious dependency issues (at least what I can see as an uniformed outside observer.) She might be clean for the time being, but this move is somewhat of a manifestation of her addiction to her previous life. I hope she does surround herself with new people. Years back (many, many years) I thought she was a generational talent. Now that all seems to be lost forever unless she fully embraces a new lifestyle, much like Robert Downey Jr. did in order to rise from the ashes (and just look at where he is now!) Well, being that Palm Desert PD referred her recent case to prosecutors, it would seem she might get more time to work on herself in the near future.