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Jenna is totally underrated on this site. She is truly elite and with the right atmosphere she could dominate this show. She needs help with her puzzles, but she is super athletic and can do a lot of things these girls can't do. I personally think her skull challenge on rivals 3 where she was able to get all the skulls was one of if not THE BEST performance by any competitor ever on this show.

You can say she's underrated but as soon as you call her elite you lose credibility 

Jenna definitely is underrated, her ability to remain calm during challenges and eliminations is her strongest quality. 

I only argued about "elite"...if you want to say she's underrated I think that's a fair unpopular opinion but elite?  elite?

And I never watched Rivals 3 but I feel as though it's highly unlikley better than some individual performances in the past.  Sarah G & Irulan may hold that title simply for their elimination on The Gauntlet.

Jenna is as least a good competitor but she is not elite.

Oh yeah, I wasn't arguing about her non-elite status. I was just saying her calmness is a very strong assest to have and its often overlooked. 

Unpopular Opinion: If Kayleigh got loose and ran up the steps to fight on Vendettas and she tried to get at Britni, Britni would’ve dragged her.