Challenge: Rivals - The Storm Before the Storm

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Challenge: Rivals - The Storm Before the Storm
Johnny and Tyler compete against CT and Adam; Cara Maria and Wes have it out; food poisoning threatens the house before the final challenge.
I can't wait, very excited!
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Anyone stands in the way gets flattened, Chooo chooo
[QUOTE=jojorules;271373]Anyone stands in the way gets flattened, Chooo chooo[/QUOTE] I love that quote!
For the 1st time I'll be watching a Challenge live, can't wait!
Lets Go CT!!
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Hahaha they grab their pitchforks and torches
ah here we are back to drama
[SPOILER]If I go home, everybody getting hurt![/SPOILER] I wonder who's gonna get hurt.
By the way the real world paris was a great season.
how cute laurel and c.t are having a moment
Laurel & CT FTW! Best competitors in challenge history! want Johnny and Tyler to come back because they're part of your alliance? You're in the finals already, you moron!
I feel like thes people are wearing people's jersey like wearing the star quarterback jersey in high school.
yes, this is going to be awsome
I hope to god that CT destroys Johnny and makes Tyler cry like the little (female dog that he is).
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This looks painful already
I would be so scared going up against CT in a challenge called "T-Bone"
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Everyone does panic when CT raises his voice, his quote was awesome.
For some reason i would like to see Ev and Laurel on this elimination going at it!! :P. And yes, this elimination seems pretty awesome.
This looks like a fair fight. It should be interesting to watch.
lol Johnny said not a flattering shot of Laurel from behind.
Its just one of those days Feelin' like a freight train First one to complain Leaves with a blood stain Damn right I'm a maniac You better watch your back Cuz I'm f***in' up your program And if your stuck up You just lucked up Next in line to get f***ed up Your best bet is to stay away ********* Its just one of those days - Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit I think this perfectly describes CT right about now
CT kill Johnny!!
ow thats got to hurt
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holy *******
Damn. That was a serious NFL level hit.
Oh my gosh!!! Ct is a beast!!!
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What a hit CT layed into them
Johnny is nowhere to be found! While CT is pushing Adam up, hilarious
Adam!!!! Wtf