The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons - N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T-I-C

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"You sure...?" LMAO
[QUOTE=YvanEhtNioj;322598]Camila was so polite up there to him trying to help him out and motivate him; so Devyn needs to keep her mouth closed.[/QUOTE] She had the right to be upset, but did she have to say those nasty things? She went for the worst things she could think of at the time it seemed. Plus overall on this challenge she hasn't been a great teammate. Just very fussy because things weren't going her way. Anyway, happy Brooklyn won. Well Knight, FM was filmed on a country/continent, so even though she was wrong, a continent was the correct choice.
That stupid Canadian got it right
What city is known as the big apple.. COME ON NOW
I love TJ's reactions.
I still love Knight and Jemmye. So cute.
Oh least you're pretty.
[quote=nightwolf;322622]that stupid canadian got it right[/quote] don't diss canada!
My mama gon be so mad!
ROFL "I don't listen to country music"
Alton is so out of tune with this types of things, lol! I knew it would be a weird answer.
Kris Dunkin? what is WITH these people?
"We watched it!" hahah
This is a fun challenge and he rotating.
Haha Kris Duncan! What did Abe say last season?
If Nany gets this wrong...
Oh my god, Nany if you get this wrong!!
I have a strong feeling Nany screws this up.
If Nany gets this question wrong.....
[QUOTE=wutzrenzi;322634]This is a fun challenge.[/QUOTE] I love these types of challenges, too, but I wish they would stop putting them over water. How about having slim or something spill over them? Or have them duel it out, one on one? Or something else - anything but making them take a big fall in the water.
Feel like this missions rigged more for Frank than anyone else.
Not gonna lie I don't know this question. I'm sure once I hear it ill be like "DUH" haha OH WAIT BOSTON
What was the last question?
Nany please tell me you know they are the Boston Red Sox. Oh my god.
[QUOTE=YvanEhtNioj;322630]ROFL "I don't listen to country music"[/QUOTE] I'm sure she said "I only listen to country music."
They should do this kind of challenge but add the electric chair twist like on I3
[QUOTE=Dash_Vegas!;322646]They should do this kind of challenge but add the electric chair twist like on I3[/QUOTE] Yes, I thought about that, too! Kind of cruel, but more interesting than the water falls, IMO. Plus some of the water falls have been kind of rough (at least in the past).
Just fall Frank. Just fall.
Hot Nany! My girl!