The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies- Truce or Dare

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Hughie is screaming for his life 

Oh so that's the episode description meant lol

i love the pace this season tho.

hughie and ashley are making me scream 

My eyes

So ashley kissed hughie after he threw up... why am i not surprised it seems like she into that kinda thing.

Hughie cracks me up 

Already knew that last sentence of the synopsis was about Ashley and Hughie

Hughie really said lemme be the sole source of entertainment from my team

I find Ashley/Hughie together hilarious lol

Hughie cracks me up 

Hughie's whining is annoying yet entertaining lol

ashley nasty af btw why she kiss that man after he threw up 

Aneesa is a whale she should be good at this 

Aneesa taking Kaycee job

Ashley is a nasty ***** :/

This thing dangerous as hell what if someone slips and lands wrong 

Hughie cracks me up 


Hughies fake *** is saving him from drowning 

Aneesa outperforming Ashley...again

Lawd this challenge is something else. Them rough *** waters I would be scared tbh 

Ashley did all that yapping just for Hughie to beat her 

Who approved this? What if I slip? Lmao