The Challenge: Double Agents- Theresa Gonzalez

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The Challenge: Double Agents- Theresa Gonzalez

Veteran: 7th Challenge 

after five years away from the game, theresa is back, looking to pick up where she left off. this mother of two is focused on one goal: taking home the win and making her family proud. in fact, this experience is a true role reversal for theresa, who played stay-at-home mom for several years in support of her nfl star husband. now, it's his turn to watch the kids while she heads off to compete. still, coming back into the game after so much time off will be a challenge, and theresa will need to see where she stands with some of her fellow og vets (in particular, former rival nany) as well as prepare for a level of competitive intensity that only seems to rise with each new season.

Love of my life ❤️She ate this pic


So exciting!

villain queen is back to have the casuals crying again 

A vision 

UGH so happy the villian queen has returned <3 she looks so good too! Hasn't aged a bit

A list of things she did in this cast photo:

  • THAT
  • Best cast pic imo and I don't even like Theresa that way

    Queen of getting the haters mad 


    looks great

    Welcome back, you delicious *****.

    evil queen

    Love her or hate her - I'm glad she's back.  I like that they still reach out to cast members we haven't seen in a while <3 It'll be refreshing to see her back! 

    MOM! #MissSuccess

    yes so happy to see ms success back! we shall drink the casuals tears!  Excited to she her interact with wes and nany, and to see her compete

    If I were a woman, I'd 100% be a lesbian for her


    Damn Exes 2 was like 6 years ago and she looks about the same from that challenge. Honestly a comeback I didn't know I needed welcome back, Queen!


    Oop mom about to show those babies how to get people PRESSED

    I love how chill she looks in this photo.. eveyone else trying to look tough or cute.. 

    She looks like a chipmunk

    She looks like a goddess 

    Funny how the last time she played, there was another person named Gonzalez. Now that she returned, there's another person named Jones.

    Welcome back, you delirious  *****.

    I forgot Nany and Theresa have the same last name haha 

    Queen. She looks like a cool Soccer mom.

    Wow--never really found her that attractive before but she looks great there


    Welcome back, you delirious  *****.


    MY QUEEN ugh she is about to show Nany,Kellyanne, and Veronica how a return is REALLY done <3