The Challenge: Double Agents- Theresa Gonzalez

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The Challenge: Double Agents- Theresa Gonzalez

Veteran: 7th Challenge 

Love of my life ❤️She ate this pic


So exciting!

villain queen is back to have the casuals crying again 

A vision 

UGH so happy the villian queen has returned <3 she looks so good too! Hasn't aged a bit

A list of things she did in this cast photo:

  • THAT

Best cast pic imo and I don't even like Theresa that way

Queen of getting the haters mad 


looks great

Welcome back, you delicious bitch.

evil queen

Love her or hate her - I'm glad she's back.  I like that they still reach out to cast members we haven't seen in a while <3 It'll be refreshing to see her back! 

MOM! #MissSuccess

yes so happy to see ms success back! we shall drink the casuals tears!  Excited to she her interact with wes and nany, and to see her compete

If I were a woman, I'd 100% be a lesbian for her


Damn Exes 2 was like 6 years ago and she looks about the same from that challenge. Honestly a comeback I didn't know I needed welcome back, Queen!


Oop mom about to show those babies how to get people PRESSED

I love how chill she looks in this photo.. eveyone else trying to look tough or cute.. 

She looks like a chipmunk

She looks like a goddess 

Funny how the last time she played, there was another person named Gonzalez. Now that she returned, there's another person named Jones.

Welcome back, you delirious  bitch.

I forgot Nany and Theresa have the same last name haha 

Queen. She looks like a cool Soccer mom.

Wow--never really found her that attractive before but she looks great there


Welcome back, you delirious  bitch.


MY QUEEN ugh she is about to show Nany,Kellyanne, and Veronica how a return is REALLY done <3