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yall still with this ish in 2020. It's been 13 years that shes been on a challenge. She had a great rookie season but she did 1 damn challenge. Let it go shes not coming back. And before yall give me that shane and veronica came back yes they did but they did multiple seasons before their hiatuses.

Wack Bitch.

She could have had the same legacy as Evelyn

Queen Svet would have been a champion if she didnt back out of Gauntlet 3. She was friends with majority of the veterans and the only girls I see giving Svet a problem in an elimination are Jillian and Tori and MAYBE Janelle depending on the game

Svetlana still more iconic than the majority of the present day women can ever hope to be. 

Still has bitches pressed 13 years later, we love to see it. 


In 4 years copy and paste these comments in Cooke's thread..kk??


imagine how epic if even 1/2 of the female cast from the orign duel was announced to be returning in a future season. Ugh I miss them 

No shade but some people need to stop living in the past.

Still has bitches pressed 13 years later, we love to see it. 

This thread smells like heroin addiction.


heroin addiction?! Don't tell me things got that bad for the poor girl!