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I never really cared for Svetlana. She seemed very spoiled.
Yeah she did seemed spoiled. The only reason she did well on D1, is because production favored her in Beth's duel.
When did she go to rehab? I'm so behind on RW gossip, I guess. lol. When she was on the Key West season, I think she said she wanted to be a doctor. But then I think at some point her MySpace said she was taking time off of school or something, and then I didn't look at it for like a year but when I last checked it was private. So I was wondering what she'd been doing also.
Svetlana was on The Real World Brooklyn After Show earlier this year. It was her, Paula and someone else but I remember.
I didn't think that she seemed to happy about being on the After Show.
[QUOTE=salt&vinegar;112655]I didn't think that she seemed to happy about being on the After Show.[/QUOTE] I was thinking the same. She looked a bit vexed much of the time.
Does anyone know if she is still friends with her Key West cast?
Svetlana <333333
Yea how is she? I heard that she went to rehab and that she stopped going to med schoola and now she hosts nightclubs or something. I heard she broke up with her BF too. Anybody have an update on her?
I don't think she keeps in touch at all with Tyler considering the way he treated her in the season. And i wouldn't blame her at all if she doesn't. Janelle, maybe she was more flexible and therefore they might at least be civil. Johnny, most probably only in their appearances together since they never exactly look comfortable around each other in the Specials they did. Jose is friends with almost everyone in the recent seasons so maybe they keep in touch at least through phone calls. Zach, not too sure. And Paula, if Fitz is not trying to disassociate with everything RW related, i would assume keeps the most contact with Paula since they were always close friends in the season but you never know. Of course, all this is assumptions. I don't have any RW castmember's phone number or anything like that.
I love Svetli :declare: [COLOR=Black]Svetlana Shusterman from Real World..IN TROUBLE!!!!![/COLOR] [URL=""] [/URL]
Damn, she got arrested? I thought she was a good girl. lol
That is so sad.
That was from July 2007.
So is she still in med school or is she gonna do another challenge?
She was present at the RW Awards Bash which was recorded in late 2007 or early 2008 i think. She even won the award for Hottest Female!!! Although when going to accept the award, she was pretty drunk so i guess rehab didn't work. As for Challenges, i heard somewhere she said not likely that she'll come back.
Svetlana was on an Aftershow for Brooklyn and didn't seem very excited.
Something tells me that Fitz might be one of those RW castmembers who might really fall out of the limelight and it might be years until we find out where she's been settling down all of that time. I believe in an interview, she said she wanted to get away from the whole reality tv scene which means not much contact with anyone she knows from the show or any other show for that matter. Think about it, it's starting to get harder to pinpoint exactly how she is or where she is in her present day life. Just a feeling i have.
Makes sense. Good Point. But, I heard that she hosts like nightclubs and parties and ****.
she is pretty and she needs to do after challenge, but i think she is afraid of the drama and pressure.
I truly think Svetlana totally deserved her "Hottest Female" award!!!:swoon: She is beautiful, sexy, has a nice personality to her, exactly the kind of girl a guy would love to bring home to Mama.:) Maybe she doesn't wanna do anymore Challenges because she doesn't want her good personality to change completely much like it did with Johnny and Paula. In Key West, they were all right but the Challenges really have their own way of switching off emotion lights inside people's souls.:evil:
Yea def. The girl is drop dead gorgeous. It's funny how Paula and Johnny turned into complete *******es'. I hope she comes back though. Wonder if she finished med school.
prob not.
I would love to see what she's doing now. I doubt we'll ever get to see her on a challenge but maybe she will be on a "Where are the now.." special later on.
[QUOTE=gamer73;250662]I would love to see what she's doing now. I doubt we'll ever get to see her on a challenge but maybe she will be on a "Where are the now.." special later on.[/QUOTE] The last I knew, she was a working artist in the LA area.