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It wasn't that bad yeah, but it was just a setup for the nonsense that's coming.

Ahhh I don't actually know spoilers.... Lmaooo I hope I'm not let down  

Pretty certain I am getting last place in this

There remains a chance that everyone dies. I'm still in this thing!

Drowning Pool - Bodies

Shout out to whoever had some rocks killing Cersei in this

Results will be posted tomorrow!  


1.) Jon Snow DEAD [] ALIVE [X]2.) Sansa Stark DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 3.) Bran Stark DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 4.) Cersei Lannister DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 5.) Tyrion Lannister DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 6.) Jaime Lannister DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 7.) Daenerys Targaryen DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 8.) Yara Greyjoy DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 9.) Theon Greyjoy DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 10.) Melisandre DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 11.) Jorah Mormont DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 12.) Lyanna Mormont DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 13.) The Hound DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 14.) The Mountain DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 15.) Samwell Tarly DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 16.) Gilly DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 17.) Little Sam DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 18.) Lord Varys DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 19.) Brienne of Tarth DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 20.) Davos Seaworth DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 21.) Bronn DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 22.) Podrick Payne DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 23.) Tormund Giantsbane DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 24.) GreyWorm DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 25.) Missandei DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 26.) Gendry DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 27.) Beric Dondarrion DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 28.) Euron Greyjoy DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 29.) Drogon DEAD [] ALIVE [X] 30.) Rhaegal DEAD [X] ALIVE [] 31.) Arya Stark DEAD [] ALIVE [X]  

Bonus Questions: 1.) Is Daenerys pregnant? (1 Point) YES [] NO [X]

2.) Who sits on the Throne in the end. Specifically: BRAN THE BROKEN (3 points) 

3.) If Cersei is killed, who kills her? (No points if she survives. Points awarded to RIDER if killed by a dragon*) (3 Points) Killed by debris not any direct hits.  

4.) If the Night King is killed, who kills him? (Who becomes the legendary hero that must kill the love of their life in order to defeat the Night King?) Specifically : ARYA  (3 Points)

Final Scores:


1.) Daddy DAF 24 Points

2.) Emchap22 23 Points

3.) Greco 23 Points

4.) Bananasplsretire 22 Points

5.) Richjoe92 22 Points

6.) nevidcm 21 Points

7.) Dakota 20 Points

8.) KristinaJaz 19 Points

9.) Alaina 19 Points

10.) Vin 19 Points

11.) Hanna 16 Points

12.) Bacchus 14 Points


You can use this link to make sure everyone's points are added correctly following my answer sheet



Congratulations to the winner of our Iron Throne DADDY DAF! This is a great cause for celebration considering daf is finally getting his FIRST VEVMO WIN!!! Thank you to everyone who participated in this final seasons Deadpool!

The Irone throne was melted by Drogon, there's no throne.

The Irone throne was melted by Drogon, there's no throne.

So bran doesn't possess all the power that came with whoever would sit on iron throne? It may physically be destroyed but the Power that came with it still exists with brans position. This is a tough call but if the throne was truly destroyed there would be no ruler at all. Bran is the new king so he metaphorically sits on the throne  

Just to clear up any misconceptions, even if I allow for the answer of the throne being "destroyed" to be accepted, first place person would still have first place so it still works out.  

Welp, Daddy DAF king of the Vevmo kingdom and protector of the realm, may long he reign

Welp, Daddy DAF king of the Vevmo kingdom and protector of the realm, may long he reign

thats nice