The Challenge: Vendettas - The Power of Three

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Lick *** lol

These rules are dumb as ****.

are you shocked? Lmao


I think the house should pick the three ppl. 


Cutthroat was legendary

Brad >>>>>>>>

Lol why is Kyle there?

Cutthroat was legendary

Lol why is Kyle there?

because he had the second fastest time out of everyone

Lol why is Kyle there?

He came in second 

Glad Brad isn’t falling for Johnny’s crap.

Tyranny is literally cringe on twitter. She's like Kailah fangirling over getting on Real World.

BeckhamBlaxk wrote:

Lol why is Kyle there?

He came in second 

I'm aware. I meant that he didn't even get to speak or say a name. He'll most likely be targeted by whatever guys get chosen, so he should at least be able to throw someone out there.

We MIGHT get a challenge and an elimination Dirty 30 is shaking. 

So...I'm the only one that want Nelson vs. Cory?   I'd settle for Tony vs. Nelson.  All three suck

The trokia is a great idea but means the season is going to be male dominated since to get any power they have to outperform all the guys

brad did good. good job brad

Victor, you look like Jesus Christ.

brad did good. good job brad

A Cutthroat sequel with Rookies vs Vets (who havent won) vs Champs would be the shit

nelson is beast in eliminations tho so im excited 

Lmao Cory is salty instead of cocky.

Cory--they vote you in because you have the worst social game of all time

Looks like we're not getting an elimination tonight

Brad is leading everything lmao he's an OG

Cory really ruined his Challenge career lmao

Awww, they let Kyle Speak


cory wtf u doing

LOL--Cory's game is pathetic