The Challenge: Vendettas - Shane Landrum

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The Challenge: Vendettas - Shane Landrum

This Road Rules veteran has seen his fair share of competition, and he's not afraid to stir the pot. On Invasion of the Champions, Shane was quick to bounce between alliances, which generated a rift with Nicole. With two fiery tempers joining the house again, there’s no doubt it will be tough for Shane to watch his mouth. Will he be able to socialize his way to a lavish pot of money? Or will he find himself in familiar territory (aka the elimination round)?



Star of Invasion, along with the Lavendar Ladies >>> 




The one and only Shane is back! Don't know who that scrub was that they used over him last season. 

messy legend we needed





Dad looks like he is about to cry in this pic Sad


That’s the King I’m talking about  ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yaaaas king!

1 of the greatest comebacks in this shows history 

Not one of my faves but he serves a purpose on this show so It's nice to see him back. 


I love my Vice-President, but that free Burger King caught up to him.

I hope Shane brings it again like Invasion Smile

Love him. Don't love this pic Sad

He looks like he is in a boy band from the 90's here lol

shane kinda giving **** boi eyes in this photo but i am so glad he is back! he was always one of my old school faves but i am biased bc road rules campus crawl was by far my fave and was one of the first reality TV shows i even watched.

I always support a messy gay. Excited to see him join forces again with Queen V and make the rest of the house their peasants


He kinda looks good.


More detail bio on the first post