The Challenge: Vendettas - Shane Landrum

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I still like shane its alright tbh..tho challenge subreddit is GARBAGE. they really pumping their chest that they had reunion spoilers lol. Mods please make S32 cast thread members only. ill sign that petition believe that

I'm not even mad if Shane was coming at me sideways. I mean it was convenient timing since I posted something kind of negative about him before the tweet, but he said something like "keep your website" and I'm probably the least frequent member of the ones he listed. I'm sure there's at least one other member with "Trill" in their name. I still hope that Shane does another challenge and makes a final and possibly wins. 

On the bright side Shane, a lot of the early Challenge legends have mediocre elimination records. 

I will say though, Shane did that Road Rules mission where they had to blindly reach into a tank of bees and tarantula to pick up pins like a boss. That'd be the worst Road Rules mission of all time for me.