The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Kailah Casillas

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The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Kailah Casillas

As a rookie on Invasion of the Champions, the Real World: Go Big or Go Home cast member waltzed in with zero intentions of making friends. When she found herself in the first elimination of the season, Kailah blew everyone away with her inaugural win and proved that she’s a competitor they don’t want to face when it's do or die. Kailah is quick to speak her mind -- and is more than ready to play as dirty as possible in order to win. 

she bad


Ok dis cast photo slayage 


Look at those guns, future Challenge champion. Bank!

My girl <3

Queen kailah gonna knock******* out 

Her cast pic is really pretty 

Baddest Queen of Dirty 30



Baddest Queen of Dirty 30

I MISSED THIS ***** <3

Keep the girls shook baby

New Queen of The Challenge, go take a seat on your throne next to CT. <3

I'm not a fan but even I can admit that she is a total hottie

One of the most beautiful women on the Challenge. Ever.

One of the hottest girls on this season 

I was neutral with her on Invasion. Hopefully she wins me over this season. Smile

Happy to see her back again, I don't think she showed as much potential as everyone else seems to think, but she's definitely an interesting character

Omg she's so hotttttt I can't. 


Rooting for my queen<3


serving sassyness in her cast picture, but I wish she would've served sexyness instead Sad

Sometimes she gets on my nerves, but I think she always manages to look cute & beautiful. She's a babe for sure. 


I think I'mma **** with her this season. Kailah is SLAYING ❤️❤️❤️

And so is her slit.

Kailah's muscles >>>> Cara Maria's lame *** I ride a horse muscles 

This ***** better keep serving them looks. #QUEEN ❤️