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THE Queen. Saving this trash ass show

THE Queen. Saving this trash ass show

I have a lot of respect for Kam. She is a real one for sure especially after last night. She gives me a slight CeeJai tease.

Two  confident Queens 

I think Kam comes off as entitled for being a rookie and I really didn't like the way she came at Melissa BUT...I applaud her for calling out her own friend for being a bully. Definitely gained some respect for her for that.

Cory messed up the ecosystem and now rookies get to stick around much longer than they should

MalikOnFleek wrote:

Graphik wrote:If she was a tired, dirty pussy having, ran-through whore desperate for camera time like Tori, Trash, Alicia, Free Agents/Exes 2/Bloodlines Nany, etc. guaranteed the Challenge fanbase would LOVE her. 

Now see this is where im about to clock you . Nany literally minded her business free agents lol. Exes 2 and bloodlines everyone turned on her . BUT queen stays queen 

She also got fucked on the living room ottoman like a $20 Motel 6 buss-down on national television. My point is Kam has come on this show representing herself VERY well yet somehow she's "worse" than these hoes who come on this show cheating on their boyfriends, fucking their best friend's man, fucking their man's best friend, getting fucked all on the good living room furniture & all throughout the house, being racist vermin, etc. etc. It's all fun & games and "entertainment" when these Caucasian girls & fiery Latinas act a fool but let an AA girl come on here bringing that REAL heat and it's the worst thing in the world.

I love you

Y’all hate on LaToya’s hair with what we’re seeing from Kam every week.  She’s too young for this shit...

Queen of the season!  

Queen of the season!