The Challenge: What Ifs

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Psy4potato wrote:

El Lobito wrote:What if Rogan was brought back to replace Eddie on Vendettas, or one of the alternates was used (Corey Brooks from BB18 and Derrick K)?I don't see Rogan or Corey winning "Who's Got Balls, but DerricK could have. And #Vendettas could have been anyone's game.All 3 of them would be super hard to take out in elimination, though. They could handily beat Shane, Tony, and Devin. Good chance of taking out Johnny and Kyle too.What a wasted fucking opportunity Eddie was. I'm so mad.

Derrick K should have been brought on when Eddie left.  No reason not to. 

Hell no. Derrick can forever stay his ass at home.

Why? So a random spot could just be wasted on an AYTO cast member that just disspeared?  Derrick would have given the guys more competition and there wouldn't be a random spot not filled for no reason.  He was there, they should have used him.