The Challenge: Favorite/Fantasy Casts

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The Challenge : 2017



Cara Maria







Male Bitches



Adam K

Adam R




The Challenge: Rivals 4

Alicia & Hannah (AYTO5)

Rihanna & Karreuche

Tami Roman & DJ Duffey 

Natalie Nunn & Alyssa Redd Carswell

Camilla Poindexter & Jada Cachilli

Kim & Tyara

Aneesa & Laurel

CeeJai & Jenna T

Bananas & Jordan

Leroy & Wes

Chris Brown & Soulja Boy

Stevie J & Nikko London

Cory & Dione

Nelson & Tony

Adam R & Ty

Buddha & Tailor Made

John from AYTO in Gios place

RW Mike C. in Peters place

Jacy in Shanleys place

Simone in Jenna's place

Alton in Leroys place

If Rivals existed during the golden-era of the challenges (before Fresh Meat), when it seemed as though it was possible for anyone to be cast on a challenge - no matter how old it had been since their last appearance on TV:

Rivals (6 male pairs, 6 female pairs, 6 male/female pairs)

Rules: alternating challenges between the 3 types of pairs.
4 pairs of each go home, 12 pairs total.
2 male pairs/2 female pairs/2 male&female pairs make it to the final, one winner of each. 3 winning pairs total.

Cast (with a brief explanation of rivalry):

Theo & Alton (Gauntlet 1: When Alton's girlfriend Irulan went home, Theo told Alton to help her pack her bags causing them to have a heated argument)
Shane & Steven (BOTSexes 2: Steven slapped Shane during a challenge in which they were supposed to be silent and was sent home)
Brad & Mike (Inferno 2: Mike gave Brad a wedgie as a joke but Brad got angry about it. The two were cool with each other afterwards but to me it seemed like Brad never fully got over it)
Syrus & James (Extreme Challenge: At the end of a challenge, the two got into a heated argument and almost got into a physical altercation until Kameelah stopped them)
Derrick & David (Gauntlet 2: Derrick wanted to face David in the last gauntlet but David refused to step up, causing Timmy to go in and for David to cheer Timmy on during the gauntlet and not hide the fact that he wanted Derrick to lose)
Abram & Donnell (RR South Pacific: both got into a physical altercation on their season after disliking each other all season long)

Veronica & Katie (Gauntlet 1/Inferno 1: Katie mistakenly accused Veronica of trying to get rid of her in the Gauntlet, so in the Inferno, Veronica went out of her way to get rid of her and the two got into an almost physical confrontation)
Coral & Julie (Inferno 1: they hated each other on the Inferno and got into a heated argument)
Tina & Tonya (BOTSexes 2/Inferno 2: got into an argument on BOTSexes 2 and their dislike for each other carried over to the Inferno 2)
Kina & Cara (Gauntlet 2: they never clicked with each other and disliked each other the entire season until they faced off in a somewhat physical gauntlet)
Rachel & Angela (BOTSexes 2: they never meshed well with each other causing Rachel to conspire with others on her team to get rid of Angela)
Belou & Holly B (BOTSeasons: the two got into an argument after Holly criticized Belou as a mother during the hurricane lockdown and caused Belou to flip out on her and Chadwick)

Norman & Beth (BOTSeasons: they had a history of disliking each other causing Norman to want to get rid of her and he gave her the nickname of Osama 'Beth' Laden)
Puck & Ellen (BOTSexes 1: they got into numerous arguments with each other, one of which caused Ellen to have a meltdown after Puck told her he was gonna kick her ass)
CT & Leah (Inferno 1: CT felt like Leah was the weakest player on the team and didn't deserve to be in the final, ultimately causing them to argue all throughout Leah's inferno. Leah told CT she was gonna punch him when it all ended)
Chadwick & Emily (BOTSeasons: Both disliked each other when Emily used Chadwick's own strategy to get rid of the team in 4th place right before the cut-off to be in the inner circle)
Los & Piggy (Challenge 2000: They disliked each other most of the challenge and could not get along. If I remember correctly, they both also had issues and arguments regarding race, given that Piggy was of biracial or mixed race)
Christian & Ayanna (Extreme Challenge: I forgot why, but Ayanna got kicked off of the challenge for physically attacking Christian. May have been a race-related thing as well)

*sigh* this would've been an awesome cast.

Yaaasssssss at Golden-Age Rivals!!

The Challenge 30-Free Agents 2.

Abram(South Pacific)



Brad(San Diego 1)

Shane(Campus Crawl)





Dylan(Go Big or Go Home)

Robbie(Bad Blood)


Alton(Las Vegas 2),



Nany(Las Vegas 2)


Ceejai(Go Big or Go Home)


Ashley M(Ex-plosion)


Katrina(Bad Blood)


Tyara(Bad Blood)

Cara Maria(Fresh Meat 2)

Camilla(Spring Break Challenge)



Cooke(Las Vegas 2)

Realistic Cutthroat 2 Past Present Future...which I think would make almost everyone happy.  The Old School people on here, the ones that want to focus on the future and those casuals that only care about Cory, Jenna, Johnny & Camila

Past (debut prior to Fresh Meat)  Brad Fiorenza, Derrick Kosinski, Frank Roessler, Mark Long, Shane Landrum, Aneesa Ferreira, Ibis Nieves, Rachel Robinson, Ruthie Alcaide & Veronica Portillo

Present:  Cory Wharton, Johnny Devenanzio, Leroy Garrett, Tony Raines, Zach Nichols, Ashley Mitchell, Camila Nakagawa, Jenna Compono, Marie Roda & Nany Gonzalez

Future (1 challenge or less):  Devin Walker-Molaghan, Hunter Barfield, Theo Bradley, Kailah Casillas, Nicole Zanatta, Sylvia Elsrode + 4 first timers (you guys can pick)

Dream Past would have been a team of 12 featuring Abram Boise, Ace Amerson, Darrell Taylor, Derrick Kosinski, Landon Lueck, Shane Landrum, Beth Stolarczyk, Coral Smith, Kendal Sheppard, Mallory Snyder, Susie Meister & Veronica Portillo but I know that isn't happening Sad   Just like I want Frank Sweeney & Jonna Mannion on the present team but those ships have seemingly sailed

The Ruins 2

Ashley Kelsey
Brad Fiorenza
CT Tamburello
Cara Maria Sorbello
Derrick Kosinski
Dunbar Flinn
Emily Schromm
Jamie Banks
Jordan Wiseley
Laurel Stucky
Paula Meronek
Rachel Robinson
Sarah Rice
Wes Bergmann

Adam Kuhn
Amanda Garcia
Aneesa Ferreira
Averey Tressler
CJ Koegel
Dustin Zito
KellyAnne Judd
Leroy Garrett
Marie Roda
Nia Moore
Robb Schreiber
Shane Landrum
Theresa Gonzalez
Thomas Buell

The Duel 3: Season Dirty 30


Marie BreakingBacks&ThrowingHoes Roda (RW: St Thomas)

Smashley PissInYourPantsBitch Mitchell (RW: Explosion)

Jenny Delich (RW: Explosion)

Brianna Taylor (RW: Hollywood)

Tyara Hooks (RW: Seattle - Bad Blood)

Jenna Thomason (RW: Go Big or Go Home)

Nia Moore (RW: Portland)

Heather Cooke (RW: Las Vegas 2)

Ayiiia (RW: Cancun)

KellyAnne Judd (RW: Sydney)

Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver)

Trishelle (RW: Las Vegas)

Aneesa (RW: Chicago)

Cara (RR: South Pacific)

Tina (RR: South Pacific)

Veronica (RR: Semester at Sea)

Violeta (RW: Skeletons)

Rachel (RR: Campus Crawl)

Kailah (RW: Go Big or Go Home)



Theo (RW: Seattle - Bad Blood)

Dione (RW: Go Big or Go HOME)

Devin (Are You The One? Season 3)

Bruno (RW: Skeletons)

Jason (RW: Skeletons)

Cory (RW: Explosion)

Marlon (RW: Portland)

Frank (RW: San Diego 2)

Dustin (RW: Las Vegas 2)

CJ (RW: Cancun)

Scott (RW: Brooklyn)

Will (RW: Hollywood)

Bananas (RW: Key West)

Wes (RW: Austin)

Brad (RW: San Diego)

Derrick (RR: Xtreme)

Alton (RW: Las Vegas)

Shane (RR: Campus Crawl)

Abe (RR: South Pacific)