The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Nicole Ramos

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The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 - Nicole Ramos

Just like her spitfire cousin Nany, Nicole is not one to be messed with. On Rivals III, she defied her own blood by telling her partner about Nany’s secret alliance with another player. When Nany caught wind of her cousin’s oversharing, their blowup left behind a trail of mistrust. Without her cousin by her side on Dirty 30, Nicole will have to make her own alliances beyond familial ties.

Love that she is back


Those eyebrows are awful. She literally does look like a drag queen. 

What in the fuck

It's a pitty we lost Nany, at least we get Nicole lol

Those eyebrows are awful. She literally does look like a drag queen. 

Lmfao She really does look like  a drag queen here, i'm dead. That said, I love Nicole so I'm excited to see her back.

Glad to see her back especially without Nany(nothing against  Nany). I'm really interested in seeing how the bloodlines do without there family there

unfortunate pic

Her drag name is Charlemagne.

She looks SO bad wow


What in the fuck


i thought she used to be pretty....


Omg lol

i will be rooting for her

Giving me some Drag realness! Yasss! Shantay, you stay..

She definitely needs to change her makeup routine now. It was pro before, but yikes. It's probably the eyebrows. It's ok girl, you'll get em next time.

I think Homer Simpson shot her in the face wiht his makeup shotgon and left it on whore or clown lol


That is just jacked the fuck up

Omg lol

I would kill the photographer if I were her.

Dear god that makeup is horrendous LMAO

I don't think it's that bad lol


I love Adore Delano. ❤️

I love Adore Delano. ❤️


This picture will be giving me nightmares from now on.

im excited for her messy ass