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Finale tonight. Y’all better tune in and give this show the ratings it deserves

Overall I loved this show. My friend was a producer and apparently they were unsure how well it would do so they were nervous before it aired. Theres talks of a season 2 going around the office, but no cast in mind yet.

I need Bob The Drag Queen, Rene from Mom Wives, Donna from Black Ink, Joesline Hernandez, and Moniece 

I was so hyped about this show & I have yet to watch it lmaooooooo I'll binge-watch sometime this week.

Ok I'm pissed.

First Alaska got eliminated, then 5 minutes later, Eva got eliminated because Erica was able to kick her out instantaneously. Her question was easy as FUCK "who was the last person eliminated" as if it didnt just happen the day before. Why did Erica even come back, did we ever figure that out? Such a great show but I hated the finale. *shrug*

I stopped watching after the first episode and randomly had the urge to binge watch this knowing the finale aired yesterday. The first episode was super corny with all the stupid fake scares & screen effects but you get used to it and the drama picks up quickly. I was VERY entertained by this and I wish more people talked about it. Ratings looked okay though all of them were over a million except 1 episode. I basically liked everyone except the black ink crew girl pissed me off a bit too much to root for her.

Tiffany DELIVERED. I never expected her to win an elimination challenge against anyone. That girl truly is a parody of Brenda from Scary Movie LMAO. I'm so tired of her being teamed up against on all these reality competition shows. If CBBUSA casts her, she better lock up an alliance QUICK. She plays the underdog role quite well but she deserved that finale.

Erica was also a favorite of mine. I didn't know much about her as I don't watch her show but I did see her at the BGC reunions. Her coming back was so rigged lol but it was funny.

Eva was a stand out for me. This show really showed that she's a genuine, sweet hearted person. I really really like her and I hope to see more tv apperaences from her. I really respect her. She would've been a great winner lmao she got robbed HARD.

Still a good ending though. I loved this show so much. What an unexpected surprise. 

This was an okay show, kept my attention. However, I was not happy Don won. Funny someone here thought he was an early boot because he wasn’t in the trailer much. 

I have all of the episodes on DVR and have been meaning to watch./  Episode 1 was hilarious though.  Renee from Mob Wives would be perfect for this.