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Kloun only has one photo in his hand and that represents the last member of this final. Jamie and Don please step forward... Lol


Lmao good game jamie, you made this shit fun ngl


Bye Jamie.


"Its time for a loud ***** to win" is in full effect

"Its time for a loud ***** to win" is in full effect

wuts nxt

wuts nxt

u quit

"Its time for a loud ***** to win" is in full effect


This Heel turn is right up there with Stone Cold. The World Tag Team Championship was dropped and Kloun turned on his partner and went full Loud *****.

Alright, Jamie you’ve been eliminated from the game. You’ve played one hell of a game though! Take care and I know we’ll see you again! 


As for this final challenge.... it’ll begin tonight (I promise) lol— I’ll post your first task tonight and you’ll have 24 hours to do it give or take. It’s not easy though so get prepared. 

is this the last time we're using the bank accounts?

Damn I thought I would get her money. 

Bank accounts are overrrrrrrrrrrr it’s survival mode now! 

it would be sweet if we got picked off one by one on some hunger games stuff lmao


I mean. Sixth place isn’t so bad, right?

Let's get this over with.


empty stomach; full clip

And then there were SIX! 

Now in order to make it to the first checkpoint you must collect three tokens, which will each represnt a checkpoint in this final. 


This part of the final is called... 


You'll have (not really 24 hours oops) to make you way up this 18,000 foot mountain and collect these three tokens. If you can do that you make it past Day One and move on to the three checkpoints. 

I said this is the longest final in VC history and that because its "3 days" long and this is Day 1. 

When you're ready you'll post in this thread saying "[your name] runs [#]". In order to get the first token you must run 200 times. Once you've ran 200 times you'll post a picture of that first token posted above. 

Then you repeat, "[your name] runs [#]". This time you're going further, running 250 times. Same thing, run 250 times and post a picture of the second token. 

Then finally, you'll post "[your name] runs [#]". You're going even further, 300 times. Get there and post the third token and you're done. 

Complete this and you'll move on to Day Two. Tap out and you're out of this final. 

All post must be done in red-- like always! 

Deadline for this challenge is 8pm EST tomorrow!

Good luck! Also, if you make it past this... checkpoint one begins tomorrow night @ 9:15pm EST! It'll roughly take an hour and I can speed it up if need. If you don't come... well... you're probably out unless I think of something else to do tbh

300!! *****!!!

So this is timed or we just have to do it?