Survivor: Winners at War - It All Boils Down To This

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Definitely not shocked at all with the winner.

Anyone else over the Final Four Immunity winner gets to pick someone to take to the Finals and then the others automatically make fire? I don't like this concept at all...

They honestly should have just.voted. SO tired of the Final Four Fire Challenge.

Well considering it just helped Tony win there's no way in hell it's going away anytime soon

Finally got to watch this and I was freaking out when Natalie got back in the game. Never seen Survivor before and just watched a few clips before this season and she was one of my favorites so seeing her voted out first sucked. She by far was the best player on the Edge and was so happy she basically took a 2nd place. (Loved seeing Natalie/Michele and Natalie/Parv as duos)

Happy Michele made it to the end she was always at the bottom but somehow made it out so props to her. Even though I'm not a huge fan of him Tony def deserved that win. I'm just happy Natalie came back and singlehandidly made the final 6 interesting. Imagine a Ben, Sarah, Tony final 3? No thanks. 

Now put Natalie on The Challenge!