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Lol. Ricard said that if Erika lost fire, Heather was going to win because she and Erika had equal threat levels. 

damn heather woulda even beaten Xander but his fans still think he's so amazing what a JOKE





Now that the season is over I decided to come in here and LMAO at how many people were reading spoilers. I mean I could tell some of you did with your "guided" posts in the general thread but now I know who to scroll past for future seasons

There weren't real spoilers for this season.  Every list was wrong 

I couldn't tell 

He's not wrong. The spoiled winner was very wrong, the actual final three was never solid, the boot order was unknown, and there were a ton of fake spoilers that never happened.

I am screaming! For a moment I though on a challenge spoiler thread lmao I was about to ask when was I wrong during this season

LOL Nope you're safe!

Any season 42 spoilers? Smile

Any season 42 spoilers? Smile

I saw something on reddit with kind of a season breakdown but there was really no evidence that it was real. Jenny won, Drea & Omar made f3, Hai 4th and Chanelle 5th. Maryanne loses the Do or Die twist, Zach successfully steals Omar's idol with knowledge is power. It got removed but someone put up a recap in another post

I wonder how they are gonna cast Survivor SA Outcasts. Hopefully from season 1-8 to see a mix of old and new players.

Is there any rumors floating around about the cast?