Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Spoilers

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I saw this thing last night and I’m still confused why there was comedy in it. When I watch a Star Wars movie I’m interested in war and fighting not to laugh.


there's comedy in all of the Star Wars movies. Why do you think C-3PO is there? 

So I have a problem  a bit with the political message of this movie. I don't have a problem with a liberal message, and I wouldn't have a problem with them railing against the 1% or weapons dealers if that was what the story was about.  But the story is about fighting back against the First Order who are basically space ******* Yet the movie focuses on the evil of the Casino Planet and the 1% and the weapons dealers. Those don't seem connected to me. It's like if they did a WWII movie, and then spent a large chunk of the movie talking about how evil the millitary industrial complex is, then went back to fighting *******

Absolutely in awe.

That end scene gave me chills.