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Omg hi so I didn't even know there was a thread for this on here. Omg I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Sense8 so much! Literally binged Season 2 over the weekend and want to watch it again Smile Wolfgang & Kala are my OTP

I loved it. The last 15 minutes seemed rushed but overall it was much better than season 1. Hopefully the next season comes faster. 

Okay so is this worth watching like season 1? 

Okay so is this worth watching like season 1? 

if you like sci-fi, an incredibly diverse cast, and lots of hot sex, then YES aha

actually crying tears of joy. after netflix cancelling it, the petitions and fan outcry, a second statement by netflix saying it is for sure done, with almost no hope left, by some miracle it is actually being brought back from the dead. Thank you to Lana, Netflix, and alll of the fans for their persistence in never giving up hope. I am so humbled by this letter and cannot wait for this show to return. It's funny because I wouldn't even put this in my top 5 shows, but it just means so much to me and it means so much to where we are in the world. it makes me happy to know that a show like this actually exists.

OMG seriously ?? I was already fooled to believe they would be 3h crossover with GA/HTGAWM/Scandal. Im suspicious of everything since then lol