Real World Seattle: Bad Blood - Cast Spotting [Spoilers]

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Real World Seattle: Bad Blood - Cast Spotting [Spoilers]

We have received word from at least two independent sources that filming starts June 29th.

1. Provide all relevant information including screenshots when needed. 

2. It is considered best practice to block out tweets so that only the potential cast member's name and photo is shown.

3. It is also considered best practice to crop people out of pictures that are not involved with the show, if possible. If you don't have photoshop or equivalent,iPiccy is an easy and free online photo editor.

4. This is not the place to write an essay about why Atlanta or location XYZ would have been so much better. All whining is to be contained here:

Cast Identification - if you have any information regarding the identity of the cast members or spoilers regarding the season, please PM Pinkrose or  WittyWrath with whatever you may know. (You would be given credit)

Twist: The cast "enemies" and "fallouts" moved in during the 2 week of filming.

1. [url=]Mike Crescenzo[/url] - New York

2. [url=] Katrina Stack[/url] - Florida

3. [url=] Anika Rashaun[/url] - New York

4. [url=]Theo King-Bradley[/url] - Illinois 

5.  [url=]Jordan Anderson[/url] - Chicago 

6.  [url=]Robbie Padovano[/url] - New Jersey

7. [url=]Tyara Hooks[/url] - Atlanta

Roomates that moved in 2 weeks into filming:

8. [url=]Peter Romeo[/url] - New York

9. [url=] Anna Stack[/url] - Florida

10. [url=] Kim Johansson[/url] - Atlanta

11.  [url=]Jennifer Geoghan[/url] - New Jersey

12. [url=]Lana Russell[/url] - Michigan

13. [url=]Will Groomes III [/url] - Philadelphia

14. [url=]Kassius Lake [/url] - Chicago


Cast Connection:

1. Katrina Stack & Anna Stack (Sisters)

2. Mike Crescenzo & Peter Romeo (Former Roomates)

3. Robbie Padovano & Jennifer Geoghan (Exes)

4. Jordan Anderson & Lana Russell (Former Friends)

5. Anika Rashaun & Will Groomes III (?)

6. Theo King-Bradley & Kassius Lake (?)

7. Tyara Hooks & Kim Johansson (?)

Our last two male roomates (Notice the mic necklaces)...

Katrina and Mike plus one of our mystery girls...


The blonde talking to our black male cast member in the 5th picture on the first post posted this on twitter: 

*So I am assumming his or the other guy's name is "Theo"*

Mike, Katrina and number 7 :

Picture Credit: tsposler

New roomates with connections to the cast members are moving in tomorrow.

Mike with a fan:

Katrina, Jordan, and Anika:

Picture Credit: Tspoler

Meet two of the new cast members:


Pictures from last thursday ! It looks like the missing original black female, Kim, Katrina and Anna didnt went out with the rest of the cast:

Jennifer, Lana, Jordan, and Kim...

The cast partying this weekend:

Anna and Katrina filming with their mom today:


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