Ranking All 52 competitors in The Challenge “Trilogy”

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I’m bringing this back. 

Before I get to reveal the next 3 of each gender; please remember this is MY OPINION and how I rank the players of the trilogy. 

16th: Britni Thornton 

Competition: Britni had a pretty decent rookie season. She won two eliminations, and lost to a strong competitor. She was average at best as a competitor. On Vendettas, Britni started off strong and was almost in the troika. She competed well and stuck with Laurel who's a beast. Then on Final Reckoning she flopped hella hard and robbed her partner of ever getting a chance to compete. 

Drama: Britni brought a tad bit of drama to the challenge. Her first ounce of drama came on Dirty 30 when she started beef with Kailah to be relevant. Then on Vendettas she had a relationship with Brad and had some drama with Marie, and got ended at the reunion. She even played a part in throwing Kayleigh's luggage over the balcony. Final Reckoning saw her have to come face to face with the ex that ghosted her, they had several heated arguments and even had people thinking that she was still in love with him.

Gameplay:  Her gameplay wasn't really existent. She didn't play a kiss *** game on any of her seasons, but she did kind of stick to Brad and made friendships with strong physical competitors (Cara) and strong political players (Jemmye) to help her in the game. 



16th: Jozea Flores 

Competition: Jozea actually did better than what many of you may think, but one thing’s for certain, he was very inconsistent. In dailies Jozea would flop it up for his team but in the Apocalypse’s (Redemption Eliminations) he actually won both rounds for his team. In the hammer elimination he pulled his hammer out before Paulie, and even directed Day as to how to get her’s out. Then the puzzle pyramid, he single handedly did the puzzles and lead his team to victory once again. Jozea was actually decent.

Drama: Jozea got into it heavily with Shane and I lowkey stanned how he peeped that Shane was in fact a jealous old hag! 

Gameplay: Jozea didn’t have much gameplay; it was moreso davonne who did the thinking for the team so not much to say here. 

15th: Kayleigh Morris 

Competition: Kayleigh did two seasons on the challenge trilogy and honestly was a bad-decent competitor. On Vendettas she competed terribly, and quit, then on Final Reckoning she was carried by Kam. Albeit she did win 3 eliminations, but in all of those she was spoon fed by Kam. 

Drama: Kayleigh was very boring on Vendettas and spent most of her time, being in confessionals talking about Melissa. She did have a little storyline with Nelson which was noteworthy. By the time, she turned up, it was too late. She quit the competition after being punked by Kailah, Britni, and Jemmye. Then we have Final Reckoning where once again, she was boring but had a storyline with Nelson. This time though, she had a beef with Natalie, which took center stage in the redemption house. Kayleigh had arguments with Kyle, Natalie, and Nelson on this season. 

Gameplay: Kayleigh barely had gameplay on the actual show. Her gameplay comes from social media where she’s friends with a lot of the cast and it helps her go far. Other than that, she hasn’t showed any political prowess. 

So glad you're bringing this back!

Reading these entries got me thinking - I'd rather they paired Mama Day with Paulie and Natalie with Kayleigh. Jozea was fun but obviously not as good a partner or competitor as Paulie. And I don't care for Natalie or Kayleigh, so both could be early boots. And then Kailah could've had Dione or Dylan or CeeJai, a much better debut than Jozea.

We need the final 14 people

We need the final 14 people

Imma get to it eventually lmaooo