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Can we get a Made in Chiraq? Made in Zone 6? Lmaooooo how about something that'll actually be interesting, entertaining & REAL?

i would get my mff LIFE! MTV needs to snatch Mona Scott’s edges wit a quickness 

So there better be some good drama on this show.

Now they just throwing shit in the air and hoping it stick. & I love how they conveniently throw black men and women into these hillbilly *** shows thinking they're diverse when they know black folks aint about to watch this mess. Biggrin

Buck wild meets Floribama Shore meets Real World 

Meanwhile 90s house was ******* phenomenal...

If they used Jersey shore or Teen mom as an anchor. I can see this getting a season 1B or season 2

Does Siesta Key still come on?

I don't, according to the article about it, there won't be fights, heavy drinking or sex shown, which is why most people watch MTV lol. Like I can't imagine the forced storylines they'd have here lol

That makes more sense lol I still have very low expectations for this 

Yikes at it being staged. 

Yeah they can go ahead and cancel this winter break Pt2,not interested. 

These are like odd knock of real worlds and they are a snore fest. 

I'm not surprised they probably couldn't find enough people living there, since there's only like 900 people and most are old

I could see this being decent if they all have legitimate stories to tell. Sometimes a RW episode focused strictly on drinking and ******* fights at the club are stupid and irrelevant, especially given spoilers for some seasons that were never aired. 

Again, if they do decide to make a storyline about what it's like for black people growing up in a nearly all white setting, than I'm interested. But I don't think mtv is going to touch race with a twenty foot pole in this blatantly clear attempt to appeal to middle America 

Keep it.

I just dont see the appeal of it just because of an accent?! Or is this show just about to be a whole cast being ignorant and  “making america great again” 

There are actually 10 cast members, 3 of them are black and everyone is from eastern Kentucky or southwest Virginia, close knit group of REAL friends. There is drama and a lot of fun 

3 black people, and yes race will be addressed I’m sure. 

I **** with it 

All the girls look different and not the same type we get on AYTO and Challenges so I’ll at least give this a chance. Y’all trashed on FloriBama Shore and it was a hit Wink

Update it the first post with the complete cast. It will be interesting see how MTV handle the cast members that are under 21.

It has been a while since Priscilla lol

Another description online:

"MTV introduced the show in a release:

“Made in Kentucky” is a new docuseries that follows a rowdy group of friends in gorgeous Pike County, Kentucky, deep in Appalachian Coal Country. This diverse gang bucks all convention and makes their own fun through country shenanigans and wild behavior: from Hillbilly Jet Skiing and “Rock Bouncing” to River-Slides, Lawnmower Jousting, and making “Hot Tub Pickups” out of their trucks, there’s never a dull moment when these friends come together. In a group this tight, lives intertwine – so there’s no lack of dramatic love stories and complicated love triangles, but friendship always comes first. And while the recent national focus on Coal has revived hope in this once-thriving Coal Town, the group still questions what comes next: stay in the picturesque home they’ve loved forever…or chase opportunities outside of Coal Country?"

i live in this area, RIGHT smack in this community, and these people featured here are not really from Elkhorn City, they do not attend the local high school. they might have a few years ago, but several of them have graduated and have kids.  and the places you will see featured, such as a pool hall, restaurant and swimming hole are NOT these kids real local hang out.  the activites you will see, such as hillbilly jet ski and making a hot tub in a pickup truck, its all the editing and ideas of the production,  there is no place around here to jet ski, the local water areas arent big enough. they might ride innertubes in the river. but thats about it. These clips were filmed over the last year or two and it was all set up as a film set.  Dont take this stuff to literally. and there are more than 3 black people here, they just work for a living and raise their kids and dont have time for this made up bs.

Elkhorn got em coming to Vevmo 

if there is heavy drinking, those scenes were probably filmed in virginia as elkhorn city is a dry area and has zero bars or beer stores. they could go to haysi which is in va and about 15 miles from ec or they could go to pikeville, but if there are any nightclub scenes those were probably filmed in west va.

So it's almost entirely a buck wild rip off lol

pike county is a large county, we are sandwiched between virginia, and west va.  and not all that far from tennessee. but we dont have alot of night clubs, there are probably two in pikeville.  west va has a few that makes more sense, i mean, not trying to sound racist here, but most of the black community who like going to clubs go to the ones in west va, as there is a larger black community there.  elkhorn city, which as i understand is supposed to be the center stage of this show is so small, there is literally one red light. two banks, a post office, a pizza place and a few other small family owned businesses.   there is no bar. there is no beer store or clubs of any kind.  the residents are mostly middle aged to elderly and the community is a quiet family oriented town.  people do ride atvs and utvs and they do fish and hunt, and they do hang out at the river.  but believe me,  this party lifestyle doesnt take place in elkhorn city. the restaurants and stores, even the ONE gas station closes at 10pm. whatever is shown here will be at best half made up.  i promise if i watch this show i will give updates as to what is accurate and what isnt.

Actually only 3 of them are from Virginia and they are from Grundy which is close enough, the other kids did attend the local high schools, the setting is actually pike county, not just Elkhorn wtf are they going to film in Elkhorn if you live there you'd know there's nothing grow a brain. The ******* post says they are graduated and only one of them has a kid and he had her when he was young, stop acting like you know so much and actually it's all been filmed the last 8 weeks so how about you sit down in your little trailer and just enjoy the show and see how wrong you actually are. 

Omfg lmaoooo

Yo let’s get these two to meet up. Someone film it and put on worldstar. It’ll be better than this whole show, bet.