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Battle of the three kingdoms: Final results 

Monoxide: 30

Hardbitten: 30

Richjoe: 30

This means that all 3 competitors will advance to round 2 and that no one will be eliminated from this revival round. Congratulations you guys! Smile This also means that any debt you 3 had will be gone, as well, since you all decided to stay neutral throughout the entire  revival round. You 3 can go ahead and join the group in the main house.

Round 2 rules will be posted later on tonight and the round itself will start on Tuesday Jan 15. early morning. It will not be live but will have everyone participating. There will be only 1-2 winners for this upcoming round *hint hint*

I will also be posting a short video from the original Liar Game sometime in the day showing what to expect from round 2. Watch for that. Other than that, just enjoy the day off today and watch for the updates. 

Also, competitors, we will be doing jersey colors this season! whenever you get the chance , please send me a list of 3 jersey colors you would like via pm. If you don’t send a list, we will assign a color to you.

Again, congratulations Hardbitten, Monoxide & richjoe92 for coming back into the game, debt free!

Yawns Boring.

Yawns Boring.

Congrats y’all! 


Welcome back to my house HB


its good to be back in my game

Yawns Boring.

I guess we are really the Brandy Bunch for the next few  weeks

Liar Game : Rehearsal Minority Vote


This will be your teaser for the next round. Luckily that this has subtitles, as well.  The game will pick up from here so be ready! There will be only 1-2 winners next round and everyone else will go to the revival round. These next two games will definitely test what you can do socially. Good luck everyone. Will post rules later tonight and game will start tomorrow.


Rip me

ooh. we playing minority game. fun

Rip me

I just don’t need this stress in my life right now like I may have to bow out tbh :/

Round 2:Minority Rules


Alrighty everyone, I hope you guys enjoyed the little break and ready to head on to Round 2. You’ll be playing Minority Rules today. Here’s how this is going to work:

We will be each choosing someone to ask a yes or no question. It can be anything that has a yes or no answer but please appropriate and respectful.

After the question is posted, you have a time limit to vote. Your options are either yes or no.

How to vote:

Create a Pm with CKQ, Boncat & myself with the subject “Round 2”.  For your vote to count, just write in one sentence 

Example: [Username] votes Yes or [Username] votes No. 

You don’t need the brackets. Once you vote, that is it. You cannot change your vote. We will tally up all the votes and the people in the minority will still be in the game while the people in the majority will be eliminated.

Example(just in case): 10 people voted yes and 6 people voted no. The 6 people that voted no will keep on playing and the 10 people that voted yes will be eliminated and go straight to the revival round.

If you don’t vote within the time limit or vote twice, you will be automatically eliminated and going to the revival round with a debt.

We will keep playing until there is 1 or 2 people remaining. The winners of the game will go to round 3(midway point), will split $30,000(for 2 winners,$15,000 each)/$20,000 (for one winner)AND you’ll get a special prize for round 3.

The rest of you will be seeing us at the revival round and incur a $10,000 debt EACH! Since there are more of you still around, the upcoming revival round will have higher stakes. ;) 

Good luck everyone! The first vote will start at 10:30am pst and end at 4:30pm pst. That’ll be 6 hours. If you all vote before the time limit, we can speed up the game and release the results then.

The first person chosen to ask a question is Aladmaho. Alad, please post a yes or no question between now and 10:30am pst. You may not vote until the start time, which is 10:30am. Include “Round 2 Question” in your post please.

What if there is a tie?

What if there is a tie?

we will restart the round. 

Chicken_breast wrote:

What if there is a tie?

we will restart the round. 

What if it becomes an infinite loop of ties

Trinidad055 wrote:

Chicken_breast wrote:What if there is a tie?

we will restart the round. 

What if it becomes an infinite loop of ties

Then I’ll send you all to the revival round.

Also, Alad, you have from now til 9:30am pst to post a yes or no question. If not, we’ll give someone else the opportunity or will post the first question myself.

I'm going to say Yes to everything. Everyone else can plan accordingly. 

Wait has this started? 

Alad needs to ask a question. 

Wait has this started? 

It has not. New start time will be 10:30am pst and ends 4:30pm pst.

As the question wasn’t posted by Alad, JJ I will allow you to post a yes or no question right now. If you don’t post one in 30 mins, I’ll post a question for everyone and get this game started


Am I really Beyonce? 

Am I really Beyonce? 

like I said. I'm voting yes on everything so "yes. Yes I am really Beyonce." 

badladjj wrote:

Am I really Beyonce? 

like I said. I'm voting yes on everything so "yes. Yes I am really Beyonce." 

Yessss perform Sorry for us! Lol

Am I really Beyonce? 

Alrighty everyone, the official question has been asked! 

“Am I really Beyoncé?”

Everyone has from now until 4:30pm pst to vote “Yes” or “No” via pm. Please read the rules for round 2. Just pm myself, ckq and Boncat in a message titled round 2 w/your answer.

Failure to vote will result in automatic elimination and heading straight to the revival round.