Judgement Day Mission Thread

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IF got it!

Active partner here, good competitor. All around good guy.

Theres my ******* pitch lol

I'll take witty lol and sorry kvm. didnt see that

no worries--i just want to go to bed lol


I would've preferred someone who hasn't won before. 

It's nothing too personal, hardbitten.


Don't quit!

infamous wrote:
I would've preferred someone who hasn't won before. It's nothing too personal, hardbitten.

;/////Don't quit!

who wants to be a team?

I like Orange. That's my pitch. 

I’ll take orange with natfan

I heard Challenge13 is a nice person who'd love a great partner Smile

okay kloun with natfan

Teams will probably change at some point anyway--relax and roll with it.  It could be infamous...you could have gotten stuck with a multi-time finalist that has never won  Smile

okay kloun with natfan


hardbitten & infamous
gamer73 & schaboszczak
josh8793 & HonestTea101
natfan42 & Kloun

okay kloun with natfan


Quite interesting.







Dscott got it


Who wants to be a team

I would like to be put on a team please

Oh hey, JJ is in the game. I’d take JJ too

I swear y'all have some super mega high speed internets lol

Me please 

lurker and morris would be a hilarious team js Blum 3