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20 mins. T-Shirt time!

Ugh omg this was such an emotional goodbye. I remember I almost cried at the finale.

Real World is shaking.

Deena's intro was the best. Ugh love that *****

Deena and Snooki <3

I turned this on during commercial breaks... Ronnie looks the best tbh

Yea mtv is trash. I guess I won't be watching this.

The Sammi doll is amazing. 

Sammi is the queen of jersey shore. 

Really enjoying this season of SAMMI SHORE

Watching this! Kind of like it Ronnie is a piece of shit

PinkRose do you know any spoilers on this? Do you think Sammi is considering season 2?

omg this was way better than I thought! I LOVED it. I'm obsessed with Vinny all over again. Ronnie is a trainwreck

Sammi was everything this episode

I loved it lol Why I dont remember Ronnie being such an *** back then?

Then again I hardly understand english back then

I saw the last 15 minutes and eh. Some things really should die and this is one of them lol 

It's not the same and they aren't really as lit as before. Deana and Snooki are just grown-up alcoholics like many of us lmao 

That Sammi doll was historical lol. I was dying at Nicole vs Sammi. 

Went in with low expectations and really liked it. I thought they'd be boring but they were litttttttt on the first night. 

This was funny as shit honestly, Ronnie is the worst now. Not that he was any likable before, but he makes Mike look like a saint. 

Also the whole Mike thing even though I know happened in real life came off like bad acting, it was just so cringe. 

Fun fact: I went to High School with that girl Pauly was dancing with in the club haha

i can’t get over snooki’s lips lmao  they look a damn mess

This ep was excellent. I’ve been fan since day 1 (low key had Snooki’s autobiography...) and this season is still great. 

Shout out to the Sammi doll- the real MVP 

That Sammi doll was historical lol. I was dying at Nicole vs Sammi. 

thats one of the ONLY parts I saw and I cringed. It was clearly so fake and staged and probably only lasted like 20 seconds total and they made it out to be this big *** scene

I can’t wait for these numbers, these numbers going to blow the challenge out of the water 

So much better than I ever could have imagined. I thought they'd be one big happy family but it's like the drama never left. I love this, so glad it has a season 2 I just hope Angelina becomes a pernament member Smile