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The Get Down - Netflix

Rule the world. From creator Baz Lurhmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gastby) comes Netflix's newest scripted program in yet another genre it can add to its fully rounded lineup. The Get Down, a musical drama set in 70s NYC, focuses on the rise of Hip Hop, the era of Disco, and the beginnings of mainstream DJ'ing & Rap. With both original music and a wide array of covers, this new show is sure to revive the musical genre that has slowly disappeared after the end of Glee & Smash. It will be split into two parts, with the first released today (August 12), and the second sometime in early 2017. 

"The Get Down focuses on 1970s New York City - broken down and beaten up, violent, cash strapped -- dying. Consigned to rubble, a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers are nothings and nobodies with no one to shelter them - except each other, armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some magic markers and spray cans. From Bronx tenements, to the SoHo art scene; from CBGBs to Studio 54 and even the glass towers of the just-built World Trade Center, The Get Down is a mythic saga of how New York at the brink of bankruptcy gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco -- told through the lives and music of the South Bronx kids who changed the city, and the world...forever.}

I'm almost done with StrangeThings and this is on my queue

Now this is a Netflix series I can get honestly get into.

Imma have to check this out

i really hate the main character which sucks... i wanted to love this show (which i do for the most part), but every damn time he's crying about something new i want to punch him in the face. like why is the lead the most dimwitted character on the show? 

Oh damn, didn't realize this thread was here. The Get Down is my favorite Netflix show ever. Obsessed with it. Never have I ever wanted merch so bad than from this show. Too bad it wasn't nominated for Emmy's because it deserved it all. The way fact & fiction wove together to get this heartfelt storyline from? The characters?? Ra-Ra Kipling is my son. Fyi Skylan Brooks is in season 5 of Empire. I really want to buy the Get Down Bros jacket.