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Looks like theyre filming again! ALL the cast was at MTV studios filming again, including Karen. Looks like she's more involved & in front of the camera for the reboot.

filming a s2 when s1 wasn’t even aired? ok

filming a s2 when s1 wasn’t even aired? ok

they're rebooting season 1..with a new name. The same way they did that Pretty Little Mama's show and made it a Teen Mom spin off.

any idea when these other shelved series are premiereing? young & country or border life? 

They are bringing this back.... Third time is the "charm"


Omg nobody cares... the only thing that would work is a mob wives reboot bc drita is still popping on social media and could bring in the views. 

i'm intrested now that the families are more involved.

That Christian guy looks really hot. 

Wow love that it's back & it's about the FAMILIES and not the kids drama ? This is a way to keep people interested for sure. 

I'm glad that they are giving this another chance. It has potential, however I don't think it would work with the casual mtv audience. 

They probably thought it would work initially because they thought people would care about the children drama but the real gag is them bringing in the families really won't get people to care. ☕️