Ex On The Beach USA (Season 5)

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2 BBCAN people 

Making an update at in 5 mins

Hope its johhny or jamar 


has Davonne actually dated or hooked up in the reality tv world? i'd assume her exes coming in will be normal people 

No which is why Derrick or Jamar will probably will be stretched as exes which is completely fine with me if that means we get Da'vonne 

Jamar from Big Brother Canada who was removed? i always thought that was very unfair and would very much enjoy him getting a lane to come on the Challenge 

Jamar and Minh-Ly?? I have my fingers crossed lol

Let's see Miss Kemi 

Jamar and Minh-Ly?? I have my fingers crossed lol

Need them 

Anthony can also be a possible ex for day 

Wait...what? Jamar and Davonne had a thing?!

An update has been made 

Wait...what? Jamar and Davonne had a thing?!

They have never met in person


Haven't watch Too Hot To Handle 1, how was Rhonda? 

Love Rhonda. Great pick 

Haven't watch Too Hot To Handle 1, how was Rhonda? 

That show is horrendous and she was okay

Okay, I remember that Day dated this one man for like a month or so and she actually posted photos of him on IG, so maybe it's him?


Cast is a banger so far 

Ahhhh so ready for Davonne. She's def going to be a main character 

Oh so that's why davonne went private on all social media like a month ago 

judging by that Rhonda's social media her she should be drawn to Ray. 

i do fear that Davonne will be left out initially if some men of her type do not show up. she definitely needs someone older and more grounded.

someone mentioned Anthony Douglas? he would be a good pick and someone i could see getting with Davonne 

No because this season may do something I'm optimistic 

I think Rhonda was added after they had to pushed filming for the location change

oooo rhonda love her.

I'm assuming Da'vonne Kyra Rhonda are for sure OGS 

PR did davonne go back and forth with production on accepting the call for this or was she always doing it

DAVONNE who is her ex though?

Bryce needs to be AXED cause I see none of these people even looking at him. 


David liked this tweet


He likes everything and it's under every reality star page lol

Da'Vonne, Kyra, Rhonda and probably Caro, this is pretty good so far.