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The challenge: 500k.... Survivor 8 million viewers *giggles*

That's suppose to be a drag? One airs on cable that is dying every year

double agents getting close to a million not too long ago to under 500k this season will always be a kiiii

It's Rachel's yummy taste for me

I know they did not pay Rachel to promote that damn song.... wtf is this show 

What's Berna's obssesion with Amber lol 

Berna has an obsession with Amber

wtf am i watching? todlers?

Every time they pretend that TJ has power about any decisions is so cringing

This lil bb friendship/alliance is not it

Berna is such a creep

Josh is soooooo embarrassing

The big brother alliance is terrible 

So fessy and josh made up like 5 times so why is tj seen in the preview lol

Nelson's confessionals are so cringing this season

everything was wack

I'm confused why they were already sitting around waiting instead of having tj just pop up 

Since when does people get warnings for throwing drinks lmao

lol I switched over at a commercial of Survivor to see Josh crying--I can't

I should have watched survivor but its too late ugh

They get warnings for throwing drinks now? This show has gotten soft

I may have to Stan tj after all those drags he just gave 

that Nelson voodoo finally got Fessy lol

Should've sent home josh too 

So we have TJ pulling out his phone during fights and now people being "punished" over petty arguments. Lol. Yep this is definitely CBS's show now. The only reason it's on mtv bc they don't want to make it obvious 

TJ only acting like that because his *** would get rocked by anyone in the house

People apologizing over instigating? Like what I am watching?

This show is so soft