The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Liz Nolan

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They made her dye her hair to go home 30 minutes into the first episode.

That hair color was not it either yikes. Looked horrible.

The hair color wasn’t even that notice on the show, just in the confessional.

She wouldve been thriving in Prague rn

Did she die? 

I feel bad they forced her to dye her hair only to go first

her serve 

Did she die? 

I think that about cody dunlap whenever they bump the stranded thread. 


Who else wants to see her return?

girl Kesha you can't be doing all that, i thought she died when i saw this 

I love Liz, bring her back.

Who else wants to see her return?

Me! So natalie negrotti can eliminate her without Mattie getting in the way

Wait i forgot if it was her or julia that was in that 3 way elimination.. whatever same difference

Her and her sister be doing inc3nt ****

Her and her sister be doing in-cent ****

Umm what?!


Her and her sister be doing in-cent ****

Umm what?!

her and her sister be playing with each other apparently LIKE LMAO

Every twin I've seen on tv does nasty shit with each other first Clermont twins now the Nolan twins 

So weird. Sad they are that desperate for $

Yikes i just saw the video on twitter, they really on their Kaplan Twins shit

they eating icecream out of each others kitty's


shits nasty asf

oh yeah, Brother Mouzone must feel really bad for them...