The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Kam Williams

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deeper wrote:

Casuals are just begging for a reason to hate on Kam. She's been fine this season. I've liked her better the last two, mostly because she's more chill/background here.

I've seen one punk ***** say he literally was waiting to have a reason to not like her. Lol

LMAO, I saw one say she never made it to a final and never will. Their blind hatred is making them so dumb lol


Cant people like Kam while acknowledging she's acting entitled and cocky? I think Kam is one hell of a competitor but the whole Killa Kam and Queen stuff is annoying. Hope she does many more seasons but she needs to stop playing things up for the camera. People loved Coral because she was herself. Kam is putting on a show. Day comes across far more real and natural even if she's faking some things.