The Challenge: War of The Worlds II: One Nation Under Leroy

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There are currently 4 teams and IMO it sucks. These cross alliances between are stupid. Everyone is trying to reach the final but only a few are trying to actually win it. 

Example: Team US no way I would keep Josh aka emotional trainwreck around for a final. Team UK is even worst cuz the majority of them straight up suck. Keeping Kaileigh and Esther around and voting in Laurel first when she was helping them was ******* stupid. 

Can we take a second to talk about how Nicole’s closest friends both took turns talking crap about her between Georgia’s “not the brightest crayon in the box” comment and Nany saying that she’d lose regardless LOL


Is it talking crap or is it that they know their friend's abilities? 

i love group challenges but the eliminations are less thrilling...the uk side are actually happy to trimm the fat. Also less people to share a million dollars.

100% disagree. The eliminations have been much stronger than the missions for me.