The Challenge: War of The Worlds II- Nany Gonzalez

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after 7 seasons aint learned shit smh

she learned how to make more money than people who makes the finals and lose 

I still don't get where she thinks she's a good competitor but hey. 

Look at WOTW1. She was one of if not the top female performer in dailies.

I've always been back and forth with Nany, but she's always been pretty great at dailies and pretty awful in all other aspects of the game. But for someone who hardly works out, she does have natural athleticism for these things.

I do think that like Jenna, her losing a bit of the size she had hurt her as a competitor. They're both very thin now.


after 7 seasons aint learned shit smh

she learned how to make more money than people who makes the finals and lose 

Personally, I've never found Nany attractive. But with that being said, I think she has aged gracefully (especially considering she smokes). She actually looks better now than she did when she first started.

I’m so over reading Nany is a terrible competitor... since when?? Do people not watch the show??

Battle of the seasons- won elimination with zito, lost and went home because Alton threw it. If trashelle went if, Nany and Dustin would have won the whole thing.

Rivals 2- Nany\Jonna game in second In almost all the competitons. Lost to heather cooke/caramaria, a strong team

Free Agents- dominated in all the daily challenge. Only girl besides laurel to carry the logs in the heights challenge (can’t remember name of it) came in second against laurel on the final. Zach and caramaria both said after the season what a competitor Nany was even though she doesn’t work out 

Battle of the exes- bananas/Nany lost to nia/Leroy the elimination duo that season and then she almost beat Theresa whose very strong in pole wrestle

Bloodlines- lost to Kelly anne 

Rivals 3- her and Wes won multiple eliminations, they were kinda screwed alliance wise that season and didn’t want to go too hard on her cousin Nicole.

war of the worlds- she lost to Georgia another great competitor in one of the DUMBEST eliminations.


please tell me when Nany has been weak?? She’s average. Is she not the strongest on this current season? Yeah her team is filled with stacked girls but no way she’s weak. She’s proved herself. She doesn’t have as bad of a record as you all make it out to be. She’s done pretty well in eliminations against strong competitors.


Team Nany

Nany is weak politically and mediocre as a competitor

Oh now she’s weak politically Hahahah 

She is though lol nothing funny about it. Shes just a follower and plays a scared game

Oh now she’s weak politically Hahahah 

Just laugh & scroll Smile

Why would she play a power game when she has no alliances and knows her weakness is eliminations . Y'all really can't name more than what 3 challenges she's done bad at for her to be mediocre 

Off topic but Jonna carried the poles in Bar Crawl too.

Lol jordan dropped it

A layup.

She's the new Paula. Expects to ride others' coattails to the finals.

Nany is weak politically and mediocre as a competitor

This sums it up without posting an essay.