The Challenge: War of The Worlds II - Kayleigh Morris

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Queen still undefeated in elimination :lol:

Queen still undefeated in elimination :lol:

She owns a business? And its nominated for something its called Ink'd

Update the link don't work.

Queen still undefeated in elimination :lol:

Someone said they wonder how awkward that walk down the beach was between Joss and Kayleigh after they got eliminated lol.

I can only imagine the curse words going through his head.

She's really been purged 3 different times I'm dead.

Losing 3 purges a lot worse then losing eliminations lol take those bs stats somewhere else 

"You'll get purged out like usual "


I'm screaming at that line because of the accuracy 

wueen tho

Kayleigh actually played a great political game, hence why she didn't seem too upset when she got purged. She knew her ceiling.

problem is everyone else in their tight knit alliance believed in her, it came to bite them back. Yikes


Thought she was going to provide more this season but she was kinda just there the whole time. 


I don't get her hate for Georgia. Did I miss something?

they actually edited out a LOT of stuff between Kayleigh and Georgia (she mentioned all of it on Challenge Mania). Zahida and Georgia got into it at the airport and Kayleigh was defending zahida (who's her real life best friend). Then you add in the fact that she hooked up with Bear and Georgia went nuts (even tho Kayleigh hooked up with him first years ago and apparently whenever they see each other they hook up, they almost did a few weeks ago). They got into it the night of her birthday and Kayleigh had to sleep in a hotel bc she was gonna hit Georgia. But they mended things recently bc Kayleigh believes in separating the game from real life 

wow. they really do a lot of these people dirty with the edits because we know that Kayleigh is not wallpaper but that's how she was edited this season. I think the Kayleigh/Joss/Rogan alliance played a great game and yet they hardly were shown for their moves and their drama (Kayleigh and Rogan at least, we know Joss didn't lol)

Losing 3 purges a lot worse then losing eliminations lol take those bs stats somewhere else 

Like please, even casuals are sick of seeing Paulie and Cara. I'd much rather watch this alliance as they pretty much took out everyone on their team against them themselves