The Challenge: War of The Worlds - Final Destination

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TuesDaze wrote:

Kyle most def overstated his injuries at the time for sympathy and effect. Theo won and won how I expected. Kyle is tall and weighs a lot more than Theo and still lost. What does track have to do with being able to out weigh somebody?

The track part is probably since he's a sprinter, people might have expected him to get to the end of the hall faster, making Kyle have to push further? It kinda makes sense but idk.

This and the momentum should give him an advantage at contact. Theo probably learned from this. He'll only improve 

So in conclusion, Theo dominated. End of thread.


Wasn’t the end result 2-1 ? A domination would’ve been a clean sweep something Theo didn’t pull off. They both did good in the elimination but Kyle was putting up a fight just as much as Theo

It really wasn’t a domination just cause Theo won when it was 2-1. Theo is tall but his weight was a definite factor to how Kyle while with an injured knee and toes was able to put up a good fight against him

So in conclusion, Theo dominated. End of thread.

I mean all you have to do is admit you were wrong