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Damn Day! She didn't have to snap so hard

She's been carying her team both socially and physically Smile

I Honestly don't think Bear sucks, he's been pretty decent and competitive, like very much Day's match.

So I finally watched her part 3 video.. As much as I respect Day for not wanting to fight with Kam on camera, I really wish we could've seen this story play out.. I don't know if Day is just reeeallly good at telling stories lol or if we reeeallly missed out on some good story lines here. And not even just for drama purposes.. I feel like if Day would've expressed in her confessionals how she wanted so badly to work with Kam and why she continued to trust her, it could've been a different challenge storyline than we usually get. But she said all that happened while Natalie was still in the house so it's old news now smh. 

So Day's not doing recaps because of us :( 

As she was talking I felt so guilty.. lol 

So Day's not doing recaps because of us :( As she was talking I felt so guilty.. lol 

Why? What did we do?

TeamLandon wrote:
So Day's not doing recaps because of us :( As she was talking I felt so guilty.. lol 

Why? What did we do?


Oh she REALLY clocked how her fans take a piece of her videos and formulate the strongest opinions via only one point of view. How they’ll take a snippet then tag someone else in it which leads to excess drama that would have never existed.

Now what I’m basically getting at is she realizes her supporters (she specifys she isn’t trying to but we all know) do the most and just isn’t going to give them the ammunition needed to continue doing the most lol

Queen made another video


Y'all know I luhhhhhhh me some Mama Day & she's literally catapulted herself into my top 3 of all time as far as Reality TV women go within 2 Challenge seasons (I only watched her BB highlights)......HOWEVER; she knows damn well how messy & dramafied these ************* can be; I know for a fact b/c she be on Twitter shooting the **** with ALL of them. She got to know that these people been wanting to see her & Kam go at it; they've been wanting to see that since Final Reckoning. Her even speaking on any of it was going to cause some **** regardless & then little details like the comment she made to Theo yesterday about Leroy "liking him/giving him line-ups" and whatnot were going to be used as ammo too. I know exactly where she's coming from with it all b/c I'm the same way; It's hard as **** for me to not keep it real at times lmaoooo but little stuff like that is something that probably could've been left unsaid.

I'm not coming down on her or nothing like that b/c it really was a "****** if you do, ****** if you don't" kind of situation. She should've been aware tho that them Stan Twitter people are wishy-washy as hell and LIVE for the ******* so any little nugget she gave them, they were running with it. I peep game & a lot of the ones who she talks to on Twitter stay in the midst of the *******. Even on here; it's a few that will switch up at the drop of a dime depending on the edit & tbh be just as bad as the casuals are when it comes to falling for whatever edit they want you to see & believe. She's clearly grown as hell & will do what she wants; I love her openness & the fact that she doesn't think she's "too good" to chop it up with the viewers like they're her homeboys/girls in real life BUT this whole thing is a lesson on how that **** can easily backfire too.

I really wrote a whole gotdamn novel on this **** lmaoooooo I'm high so enjoy. Lol

Lastly tho, that pile of elephant **** Johnny was NEVER her damn friend & he would've shown that in the future regardless; I'm surprised she even considered that more than a strictly TV "friendship" anyway. He's been the very same sociopathic, narcissistic monster Nene Leakes has turned into for a while now: if you're not licking their *** every single second of the day, singing their praises every chance you get and gushing over how "great" they are they have absolutely no use for you. He likely considered her the Mammy equivalent to his good bootlicker "friend" Leroy at best. Imagine pushing 40 & still taping people's faces up in the first damn place thinking that's supposed to be "funny" and then having the nerve to get mad when people call you on the **** Day said, if you never would've done the **** there would be absolutely nothing to talk about. She dodged a whole clip of bullets with that "friendship", just chuck the deuces on that & keep it moving.

Graphik I swear we’re mind linked. You better preach the good word

Graphik I swear we’re mind linked. You better preach the good word

You know it! I've been in writing mode all night lmaooooo first my personal writing, now this.

I really am not that invested but I guess it needed to come out. Lol

I'm honestly surprised she even attempted a friendship with Backpack honestly. He was never reallly gonna be her friend and would've just used her for the game and that's it. He has a bad habit of doing that honestly. He's done that to Leroy and he's supposed to be SUPER close to him. 

ZAMN, Graphik coming through with those facts! Lol

Thanks Graphik, I was about to write approximately the same thing. 

Plus, the fact that she lowkey blamed us for that is ********. It smelled like an lame excuse to not keep doing it, even though I know where she's coming from and I wholeheartedly accept her decision.