The Challenge: Vendettas - Vendettas Never Die

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I love Queen Kam but she wouldnt have had to bury the log if she just played the game strategically. She should've gone with lower when the first card was 10. Its a game of probability not choosing higher or lower randomly.

Yeah I thought that was dumb when she did that 

I actually like this final. Best one since Bloodlines IMO.

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kvm1977 wrote:I hope Tony has to wait an hour
We get it you hate Tony. 
Any sane person with self respect hates TonyThis is my favorite final since FM2...the two biggest douchebags are in last and eliminated due to injury.   This is better than my wildest dream

Big reach. I like Tony you know a reality TV personality and someone who is not at all part of my life lol You sound worse than Marie/Natalie stans with the constant shit posting haha

I'm sorry.  You can like whomever you want.  Tony's a disgrace as a person only because he's a father.  He needs to set a better example for them if he's going to be on TV.  Notice how Darrell & CT act now.  He needs to grow the fuck up.  Until he does I'll enjoy ever failure he has

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kvm1977 wrote:Maybe Kam shouldn't have been a bitch to Melissa all seasonKailah's annoying right now as well...come on kidsI love that John had no impact on Tony...can't wait to see Tony live up to my expectations.
It's been confirmed that Melissa started that and before that they were cool 
Kam's responsible for her own one else.  I'm tired of people making excuses for people.  You don't ever have to act how Kam did.  And I'd be saying the same thing about Melissa is someone fucked her over
then they should've brought the people everyone else was a bitch to as well
Or Kam could understand math, right?  

LMAO you really think if any of the other idiots competing got middle numbers they would've figured it out? 

10 is not a middle number :/

Miz's wife should be on next season of CvS

The final is great because you actually know who's leading as opposed to trusting production


Yikes. Y'all need to fucking chill.

Is part 2 of the final gonna be super short or are we getting a tbc...?

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Ceej3 wrote:This final is super easy compared to past ones. 
Agreed. The first stage was good but it needed to be a lot longer and a lot harder.

I imagine that there has to be a part 2 with the final four people, right?

Yeah it ends on a TBC though

Zach's stamina is definitely greatly improved from Free Agents.   Proud of Kyle.   Sorry Leroy.  LOL @ Tony

Tony with the mega flop. 

Tony with the mega flop. 


Haha Leroy don't get shit. Perfection.

Haha Tony don't get shit. Perfection.

Leroy.... pathetic

Haha take that Leroy, still think Kyle is a layup 

Bye Tony! 

Yea Zach has put in WORK. Cardio looking great. 

All these males suck tbh

Calinks wrote:
Tony with the mega flop. 


Tony go the fuck home and don't come back.   "I am the top performer" lmao.  You was all format

Yikes. Y'all need to fucking chill.

Cara was saving all that endurance for the final :D 

Well..Tony didn't make it. Damn. Guess I'm rooting for Kyle.

Tony made moves that a lot of people are afraid to make. I respect him for it.

Where's Kam?

Kailah was unimpressive though

Kam really got screwed. 

That log really scrwed Kam hard. Damn. No way Kailah beats Cara. 

If only Kam made it over Kailah, I wouldn't have cared who won then.

Tony made moves that a lot of people are afraid to make. I respect him for it.

But did he make smart moves or did he pretty much fuck himself forever?  Is he the next Cory?   He didn't just screw over John.