The Challenge: Vendettas - Rumor Has It

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Jemmye is gross lol. 

So according to Natalie they aren't mean girls but Devin is a bully for calling her out on her shit.

TwoStrikes wrote:

where she belongs

Bye! Queen giving others a chance to shine since she had a whole episode dedicated to her.

1/10 episodes is a great showing for a queen

at this point are we even gonna get the outcome of the elimination...?

kailah looks so dumb in this episode

these girls are this pressed over a kiss lmao



The **** is this, The Bad Girls Club?

The **** is this, The Bad Girls Club?

Yes. Smile

yesss tell em Kam

YASS KAM! Let it be one on one! Smile

Kam is a REAL ONE that’s my bitch

here we go with the bullying lol

kvm1977 wrote:

So, it isn't even Tony--it's Kyle.  Kyle's pretty damn good at this game.

He plays the underestimated role perfectly, there hasnt even been a whisper of throwing him in and he's made friends with everyone. 

Kyle is playing a great game

I amnot home. Did anyone say "Go home" when they threw the clothes over?

Cara didn’t you do the same thing with jordan last season

CARA ****! Kayleigh's grown *** ain't being bullied. It's ****** up but let's not hype it up.

Cara is the voicce of reason....although she said bullying so that was stupid...these are adults


Cara having ptsd to her soda

I like Kayleigh tbh

Cara didn’t you do the same thing with jordan last season

Hence it is scary when she's the voice of reason.  Kailah comes up worse and worse every year

Yasssss Kam. & I agree with Cara but I don’t consider this bullying. 

Kam is the only one who made sense. It ain't bullying but it should be one on one.

Can we please get to the elimination

OMFG! Bye @ the bully message! MTV have several seats!

Ganging up isn't bullying, they aren't the same

I’m sorry but what did Kayleigh even do to have Kailah this pressed 

I like Kayleigh tbh

Kam had me shook! Stand up for your sister yes yes yes yes!